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How To Choose The Perfect Beginners Guitar

Published: Tue October 21, 2014  News Feed
When buying a beginners guitar, your budget shouldn't be your only concern. From age of the player to musical tastes, many factors could also be taken into consideration. Here's our concise list of Best Beginners Guitars, according to different criteria, to help you choosing your perfect first guitar!

How to choose your first guitar


Of course, the first thing in many people's minds is to save money and get a great deal. To find a cheap guitar that sounds good. Years ago, it was actually a hard task, and the saying "you get what you pay for" made a lot of sense. Thankfully, things have changed in the past few years, and you can get decent gear for little money.

If your main concern is to get something cheap, you can't go wrong with the Eastcoast 4/4 Full-Size Linden Classical Guitar, Natural at only £39! This is the perfect, affordable beginners guitar, full-sized, good to learn basic chords, have a feel for the instrument to see if guitar is really your thing, without investing too much money. A good instrument even if you just want to have it in the corner of your room and dabble from time to time.

The Eastcoast Acoustic Guitar Dreadnought - Brownburst is slightly bigger and sounds fuller than the Linden model mentioned before. "Dreadnought" guitars have steel strings, rather than nylon strings like "Classical Guitars" do. They sound louder and brighter, and are ideal if you like singer-wongwriters, who usually use this type of guitars.

Epiphone Les Paul...Image: Eastcoast Standard ”S” electric guitar - Black

If electric guitar is your thing, the best choice is the Epiphone Les Paul Express (above, left.) Epiphone is one of the biggest guitar brands in the world, and this is their most affordable model, a great guitar for beginners costing only £84! Other popular guitar shape is the "strat" style, popularized by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, such as the Eastcoast Standard ”S” electric guitar (above, right) which is only £89. View complete list of Best Beginners Guitars Under £100


If you're prepared to spend more than £100, you'll get into a whole new world of musical instruments. The further away you get from the £100 mark, the instruments' quality gets noticeable better, and even some professional musicians are known to play cheap guitars under £500. For instance, Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age has often played an Epiphone Dot ES-335 Style Semi-Acoustic Guitar - Black, which costs just £299.

Guitars between the £100-£500 price mark are ideal for beginners who are sure they'll be commited to the instrument, and may want to have a guitar that's affordable but still good enough to take to the next level: playing gigs, open-mic nights etc, not just for performing at home! That's why they are sometimes referred to as "intermediate" level instruments.

An acoustic guitar such as the Epiphone Hummingbird Artist (see pic above) is a fantastic instrument for the price (only £129!) and it looks and sounds good enough to be played at gigs. The Yamaha LS6 ARE Acoustic Guitar (£412) is another example of guitar that offers outstanding quality at a fair price, a great instrument built to last, that the novice could go on to use many years later in the future, at professional gigs, even! A keeper, then... certainly a good investment!

The Epiphone 1956 Les Paul Goldtop Electric Guitar (£379) is another case of affordable guitar that's cheap enough to be considered a good "beginners" guitar, but that's also good enough to be played onstage by more experienced guitarists.

Another good example of affordable guitar that looks good is the Eastcoast Vintage T-Series Custom Electric Guitar - Flame Red, which costs only £130 but looks like a more expensive instrument:

Eastcoast Vintage T-Series Custom Electric Guitar - Flame Red

The lesson here is simple - if you're prepared to invest a bit more on that first guitar, the leap in quality will be huge: you can get an instrument that'll last you years, that looks better, and that's good enough to be taken to the next level and be used live, which cannot really be said of instruments under £100. View Complete List of Best Beginners & Intermediate Guitars from £100-£500


If you're buying a guitar for a child, the main thing to be mindful of is to pick a smaller-sized guitar, better suited for someone with smaller hands. If you give a child an adult-sized guitar, the instrument will be more difficult to play, and this can discourage some children who are just starting to learn! So, the best thing is to get a 3/4-sized guitar. The best option on our site is the Eastcoast 3/4 Linden Classical Guitar - Natural, at only £39. With its smaller size, soft strings and cheap price tag, this guitar is a perfect gift for any kid getting into music! View complete List of Best Beginners Guitars for Children


Considering some of the most popular guitarists ever were left-handed, such as Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain, left-handed guitarists don't always have great luck when it comes to buying guitars. Not all brands have left-handed versions of all of their instruments, though we can still offer a good selection of left-hand guitars. Left-handed beginners can't be forgotten, so if you're shoppingfor left-handed guitars check our Best Left-Handed Guitars for Beginners.


Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack

Starter packs are the easiest way to buy a guitar for beginner, because they also include all the accessories you'd otherwise need to buy separately. They are affordable, convenient and also look great as a gift, because everything comes in a big box - perfect for Christmas, for instance! The downside is that your choices will be more limited, but still, there are some great packs out there! The Epiphone Slash AFD Les Paul Performance Pack (pictured above) is perhaps the best starter pack around... if not ever! At £229 it's not the cheapest starter pack, but it's still quite affordable, and carries the kudos of including a Slash signature guitar model. There's also another Slash AFD Pack at just £159, but without an amp. View our list of Best Beginners Guitar Starter Packs.


Johnny Marr and his fender Signature GuitarSlash and his Signature guitarEric Clapton and his Fender Stratocaster

In recent years, the market has seen a big influx of signature guitar models. Only natural, of course: many (most?) people who decide to play guitar are inspired by their guitar heroes! And if you could buy a guitar that's inspired by your idol... why not? From the Fender Johnny Marr Signature Jaguar (above) to the Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster, there are many custom signature instruments available now, and they're all amazing, with different specs than standard models.

The only major downside: the price tag! There are some quite affordable models such as the Squier by Fender Simon Neil Stratocaster, inspired by the Biffy Clyro guitarist and costing only £328, but most signature models are usually expensive and therefore not "beginner" guitars at all. Of course, for those who can afford it, these would definitely be the best choices - after all, who wouldn't want to learn to play guitar using an instrument just like that of their idol! Check (and drool!) the Best Artist Signature Electric Guitars.


Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore and his Fender Jazzmaster

If you like bands like Radiohead, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, Arctic Monkeys... these could be the guitars for you. View Best Electric Guitars for Indie & Alternative Music.


Duane Allman and his Gibson Les Paul

Fan of Led Zeppelin, Status Quo, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix? If you think the best days of rock'n'roll are behind us, in the 50s, 60s and 70s... check these guitars, full of vintage vibe, classic looks, timeless tones! View Best Classic Rock Guitars


John Lee Hooker and his Epiphone Semi-Acoustic

Semi-acoustic guitars offer a richer, warmer, more resonant tone than solid-body guitars. Even though these models have been used by many rock bands over the years, from The Beatles to Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, they are most at home in jazz and blues, and many top players in these genres use them. So that's why we're listing them here! There are a few top-of-teh-raneg models listed, but also a few affordable models, too! View Best Jazz and Blues Guitars.


Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, always a Gibson SG Player

Fans of heavy rock need a special kind of guitar: lean, mean, with fast action and easy access to the higher frets for some good shredding. The guitars listed here are ideal for guitarists who love heavy rock, and similar models have been used by many of the top acts in the genre. View Best Heavy Rock Electric Guitars.


If you're not buying a starter pack, you may need to buy a few guitar accessories, such as strings, lead and a few other things. And, of course, a guitar amp!

If you need any help choosing anything, please don't hesitate to call us on 0151 448 2080 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm) and speak to one of our experts, who'll be glad to help!

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