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Epiphone Unveils New Slash Rosso Corsa Signature Les Paul

Published: Mon October 06, 2014  News Feed
The new  Epiphone Slash "Rosso Corsa" Les Paul Standard is a truly spectacular, and affordable, Les Paul model that has everything to please Slash fans and guitar enthusiasts alike. This Limited-Edition Les Paul will be arriving soon, and comes loaded with some great specs.

Epiphone Slash "Rosso Corsa" Les Paul Standard

Previously, Slash had put his name on the affordable Epiphone Slash AFD Signature Guitar Starter Packs, which quickly became popular by offering a new standard of quality in a guitar starter pack for beginners.

Now, the next step is to offer an even better instrument, which is also suitable for pros and semi-pro guitarists. This new Epiphone Slash "Rosso Corsa" Les Paul Standard is quite simply one of the best Les Paul guitars you can get, for such an affordable price. Epiphone (and Slash!) went for some top-of-the-range specs and delivered a Les Paul that's an unique and stunning instrument. Just check those images!

Slash Rosso

Epiphone Slash Rosso

Slash's new "Rossa Corsa" features his own personally designed Seymour Duncan™ Slash Alnico II Pro Humbucker pickups customized with a "Rosso Corsa" racing red finish along with Sprague "Orange Drop" capacitors, a personalized Slash neck profile, and a custom hard case. It looks and sounds simply awesome:

On a recent interview for the Epiphone website, Slash said that he wanted to make it affordable, easy and fulfilling for kids and kids-at-heart to discover guitar, even down to the original one-of-a-kind finish. "I definitely wanted to do something that was more of a blood red color so the Rosso Corsa color was what we went for. I love 'em."

Like many guitarists, Slash started as humbly as it get, playing cheap guitars as a kid. Now, however, he's in the position to help a brand such as Epiphone to deliver better quality instruments for those who are just starting:

"I just think that the most important instrument you ever get is the first one you get, the one that you learn to play on. That guitar should be something that should be good quality and you should be able to play from your beginning until you learn how to play really well and start going beyond that in a professional sense. Doing a guitar that's affordable with a great company like Epiphone is something that I think should happen more often."

Slash concludes:

"The guitar player that you are when you first start out is really a magical time. Technically, you don't know that much but you play with all your heart and magic moments come from that. As the years go, by you start to get more and more comfortable and knowledgeable with the notes and the fretboard and everything else you pick up throughout the years, you kind of blossom. But I don't think you're ever really better than you are in the first couple of years because of that passion."


Naturally, as one of the most popular guitarists around, Slash has lent his name to quite a few products in recent times, some limited-edition and not available anymore, but some still around for players who want some quality gear with Slash's seal of approval!


Jim Dunlop SW95...
Always popular, the Slash SW95 Wah is more versatile than most other wahs out there. It has a hi-gain distortion circuit and great tone.

Image: Marshall SL-5 Slash Signature Guitar Valve Amp Combo
The Marshall SL5 amp is a small, affordable valve amp that offers great tone and is ideal for recording sessions or playing at smaller venues.

Image: MXR Slash Octave Fuzz Pedal
This Limited-Edition Dunlop Slash Octave Fuzz teams up Slash with the legendary MXR brand, creating a wicked, all-analog fuzz with octave up and sub-octave tones. With an array of external AND internal controls, this is an incredibly versatile fuzz, which we still have in limited stocks! If you fancy one be quick because once they're gone, that's it! Sure to become more collectible in the future, too.


Gibson Rosso Corsa Les Paul - Racing Red
If you're feeling more upmarket, Gibson has also released their own Gibson Slash "Rosso Corsa" Les Paul. Again, it's an unique Les Paul with obviously even better specs than the Epiphone version, and a true work of art!

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