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Musical Instruments For Kids, Teachers & Schools

Published: Thu August 28, 2014
school music deals back to school educational offers musical instruments for schools guitar lessons beginner
It's back to school time - so we've compiled a list of our best offers on musical instruments for kids, teachers and schools. This list of best music instruments for beginners is a concise guide to musical equipment that would be perfect for schools that want to run their own guitar lessons or for young beginners that want to start practicing around the home.

Whether you want to start attending lessons and need an instrument, or want to start teaching music and need some resources, we have some gems here for you!

Let's make going back to school much more fun!

musical instruments for schools beginners kids children child music lessons guitar drums
Whether it's for one of the kids that loves music or you want to learn how to play guitar yourself then we have some fantastic beginner musical instruments on offer today.
Fender CD-60 VA Guitar
Fender Folding guitar travel acoustic guitar fold folder


That's right - a guitar that folds in half. How cool is that?! It's not just any guitar either - it's a Fender! The CD-60 VA is just like any beginner guitar but is ultra portable that fits in airline overhead compartments and in the boot of a small car.

Ideal for people that like to take a guitar with them wherever they go!


If a folding guitar isn't for you but you still want a guitar that you can take around with you then one of these Washburn guitars would be perfect. It comes with a free case as well!

You have a choice of six different colours too.

travel guitar for students musical instruments guitar small body
Wasburn WP 130 Parlor Guitar
Washburn WP 130 parlor parlour acoustic guitar small size smaller guitar child kids petite


A Parlor sized guitar is ideal if you find regular dreadnought acoustics too big for your hands/body. Parlor and other smaller bodied guitars might be much more comfortable for you - especially for younger players 'growing in' to their guitars.

Both the body and neck are slightly smaller that make this Washburn both comfortable and practical for some individuals.


We have a selection of 1/2 and 3/4 sized guitars that are perfect for young children wanting to learn how to play guitar.

Both electric and acoustic guitars are available - check out our selection here.

Yamaha APXT2 3/4 Size Stagg S 3/4 Size Electric Washburn WDM8SNS
guitar for schools and college learning to play guitar how to play child size guitar 3/4 size small guitar for kids for beginners child guitar boys girls guitar small guitar for pupils students children classroom guitar nursery

We're not talking about your Maths or your History homework here.

Take music home with you and get involved outside of lesson time.

Here's some musical equipment that we bet you would love around the house!

Roland F-20 Piano
Roland F-20 digital piano beginners piano professional music teacher lessons learn


A piano that sounds and feels amazing to play. The Roland F-20 makes learning the piano a real joy.

It's ideal for practicing as it has recording and metronome functions, as well as iPhone compatability for those who want to play along with their favourite tracks.

Ideal for music teachers who want something their students can learn on, or for someone learning how to play the piano.



Line 6 Amplifi 75
Line 6 amplifi guitar amp practice amplifier first beginners amp for school


If you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod then the Line 6 Amplifi is the ULTIMATE practice amp for the home guitarist.

Stream your favourite tracks via bluetooth through your amp so that you can play along, or even record your jams!

You also have access to 1000s of sounds and guitar effects. Want to sound like a certain artist? Select them on the Amplifi app and it will give you the exact tone and effects that they use in an instant.

They also look pretty cool...

Presonus AudioBox Package
Presonus AudioBox Recording Set microphone audio interface headphones studio one DAW


There are some affordable packages that provide you with everything to start recording your own songs - right from your bedroom!

With this one you get an audio interface, a microphone, headphones, DAW software and all the cables necessary.

Ideal for any budding musician that wants to start turning their ideas into real songs.

Want to start your own home recording studio? Read our guide here!

M-Audio Keystation 88 MIDI
m audio keystation 88 key midi usb controller midi controller midi keyboard


With this 88 key USB Midi controller, you can connect it up to your computer and play through some DAW software. Whether you choose a piano, organ, keyboard or synth sound is up to you - this MIDI controller works with ALL VST plugins.

It's easy to set up. Just plug into your computer's USB slot and use any DAW software to get going. It's an extremely cheap way to practice keyboard or piano in the household and is easy to setup once you have the software setup.



Teachers - welcome to the School of Rock.

We have made a list of some of our most popular musical instruments for schools and guitar lessons that will give you the resources to make your music lessons exciting and more hands-on. 

Here's a few items that are popular with the kids. Click here for our full School of Rock selection.

Epiphone Slash Les Paul Pack Mapex Drum Kit Fender Mustang Guitar Amp
mapex school drum kit studio educational drum set drummer fender mustang guitar amp beginners practice amp school learn education
Roland VT-12 Vocal Trainer
Roland Vocal trainer training lessons music lesson plan music resource resources


No need to fight over the studio time table. With the Roland VT-12 you can train your students wherever you go.

Take your lessons to the field or the school hall and still have one of the most useful vocal resources you could have with you.

Here's what a music teacher had to say about it:

"The VT-12 is an ideal integration of a tuner, recorder, metronome, and a comprehensive vocal method. The VT-12 contains all of the elements required for vocal training in an easy-to-use, handheld device". — Anne Peckham, Berklee College of Music

Cubase Special Upgrade Price
Cubase for schools full upgrade education discount educational school price


There are some special offers on Cubase upgrades at the moment, check them out here. It even has some bundled items that could make you a huge saving of up to

After all, the school recording studio does need a professional DAW for your students to learn on. 


This Gibson Memory Cable is brilliant for guitar lessons. You can record the guitar onto a standard SD card with the click of a button for later play back on a computer.

Ideal for recording your students so that they can listen back to their work and work on areas of improvement, or to show them the final result and make them feel proud of their hard work. 

Here's a list of lots of things the Gibson Memory Cable can be used for.

Gibson Memory Cable  
gibson memory cable record your students classroom guitar

we are education experts music resources lesson plans how to teach music

We realise that teachers have enough on their plate without having to research the best types of instruments for the classroom and go through all the different models.

That's why we have designated education experts to assist you with your school's instrument buying - to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

You can check out our education section here, but we recommend you give us a call on 0151 448 2080 so that we can find out exactly what you want and help you make this year at school an exciting one, full of resources for your pupils to learn with!


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