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Lace Pickups Now Available at Dolphin Music!

Published: Tue August 26, 2014  News Feed
Lace Pickups are some of the most sought-after electric guitar pickups on the market today, and have been used by several legendary guitarists as diverse as Eric Clapton, Jonny Greenwood and Brent Hinds of Mastodon.

Lace Pickups

Some famous Lace pickups users: Jonny Greenwood, Billy Corgan, Eric Clapton, Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher

Of course, every guitarist knows how important his or her guitar amp, or combination of FX pedals, is in defining their sound. However, not everyone pays as much attention to their choice of pickups - in fact, many players simply stick with whatever pickups their guitars came with.

But this could be a major oversight, as pickups play an essential role on the overall sound of a guitar. This should be obvious, but as we just said before, not everyone seems to be aware of this, or to pay enough attention to this simple but often crucial fact!

With the arrival of Lace Pickups on our site, this is the right time to bring this point back into the limelight! For many years now, several famous guitarists have upgraded their guitars with Lace pickups, which became as crucial to their sound as their choices of amps, effects and guitars.

One of the most famous, and earliest cases, is Jonny Greenwood. His Lace Sensor-equipped Telecaster was present on several of Radiohead's most-loved songs, and the pickups he used (the hot Lace Sensor Reds, wired as humbuckers) were arguably as important to his overall sound as the rest of his gear, if not more!

Billy Corgan, of the Smashing Pumpkins, is another player who swears by Lace Sensor. His Strats were loaded with the Lace Blue, Silver and Red pickups, for those amazing, clean tones on many of their songs.

And when Fender made their first ever signature Stratocaster model, it was for Eric Clapton and, yes, it featured Lace Sensor Gold pickups.

Lace pickups sound great clean, and the hottest models offer a really loud output, too... but the best way to describe them is to say they offer great clarity: whether you're a guitarist looking for classic, clean tones like Clapton, or if you're in a Heavy Metal band playing with lots of distortion, the Lace pickups will make sure your guitar tone won't be muddy, but as clear as possible!

And talking about heavy: it's no wonder Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher, of Mastodon, have their own signature Lace pickups! After all, these pickups give the right mix of power, aggression and clarity that their sound needs, with balanced lows and responsive dynamics.

Finally, let's just point out that Lace are the first ever company to design pickups especially made for guitars downtuned to 'Drop D'. This tuning may be incredibly popular, but so far no one else had released pickups designed for it. The Drop & Gain Humbuckers were designed so that your guitar won't sound muddy and musshy when tuned to Drop D, and maintain well-defined lows, with high output. Perfect...

If you've ever wondered about changing your guitar pickups, this is the time! And if you never thought about it... well, maybe after checking Lace Pickups you'll change your mind! We wouldn't be surprised...
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