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Guitar Tricks, Tips & Techniques

Published: Tue August 05, 2014  News Feed

Guitar Tricks, Tips & Technique

Here's a few guitar tricks, tips and techniques that might influence your guitar playing.

guitar tricks tips technique how to play guitar learn lessons beginner tutorial

This 'lesson' isn't exactly for beginners - its more of a refresher course for guitarists that can already play the basics but are looking for ways to develop and improve.

First of all - many of us worry about gear way too much. The biggest effect on your guitar sound is the way you play, no matter whether you use a £100 or £1000 guitar.

That doesn't mean you need ruthless practice drills - you would end up putting yourself off playing guitar altogether! But there are some cool guitar tricks and tips that can spice up your playing, as well as techniques that you might not have known existed.


This guy shares some unique and unorthodox guitar tricks that you wouldn't learn at guitar lessons.

Loads of interesting ideas for you to try out here. The pick bend and the harmonic tapping sounds pretty amazing!

Just pick out your favourite trick to start with and perfect it. Try throwing it into your next jam and see how it sounds!

This guy shows a few guitar tricks in depth, with one or two new ideas:


Now this guy runs through 40 different techniques. This must have taken years and years of practice.

If you want some influence and ideas this video is absolutely brilliant. Watch it and pick out a technique that you think sounds cool that you would like to add to your repertoire.

Now that you know what guitar technique you want to learn, you can do further research and develop it.


Learning guitar will be much more fun if you have an aim in sight - and you can build up your own sound by learning techniques that others might have missed.

Pick one aim at a time and get good at it - then move on. As you start to build up a repitore you will start to develop your own 'signature sound' without meaning to - just like all the greats!


If you're already an accomplished player but feel like your guitar playing is starting to get a bit 'stale', one way to get that spark back is to try out a completely new effects pedal.

pedalboard guitar effects pedal which one to buy best fxI don't mean get a new distortion to replace your old one or anything like that. Really push the boat out - get something that you would never even consider. Something like a flanger or chorus that are surprisingly simple can inspire and take you down avenues that you would never have pursued otherwise.

Want to really go nuts? One of the new Electro Harmonix B9 organ pedals are pretty incredible.

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