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Gibson Memory Cable - Record Your Guitar

Published: Mon July 14, 2014  News Feed

The Gibson Memory Cable

The Gibson Memory Cable seems like such an obvious idea. When it was announced, many were wondering why it has it taken so long for this to be created. But who cares, it's finally here!

gibson memory cable memorycable how to record guitar bass synth drums DI


Ever stumbled across a really cool riff, came to play it again and forgot how it went? The Gibson Memory Cable lets you capture your ideas in the moment whilst the inspiration is flowing... Gibson like to call it "Inspiration Insurance".

You can use it like any other guitar cable and when you want to record yourself simply hit record.

The Gibson Memory cable records at 44.1kHz / 16-bit resolution and can hold up to 13 hours of recordings on any standard micro SD card.


The interesting thing about the Memory Cable is that you can get creative with it. Placing the Memory Cable at different stages in your signal chain means you can record guitar as a dry signal to later add effects, or you can record the tone of your amp/effects pedals straight into it.

You can even record any instrument or audio source that has a 6.5mm Jack Output - meaning the Memory Cable can capture guitar, bass, synths, keyboards, vocals, drum machines and even PA systems. This makes it an extremely useful accessory to have around the house/studio/stage - you don't need to have the other end of the cable plugged into an amp - as long as one end is plugged into your guitar (or whatever you want to record) you are ready to record.

Gibson Memory Cable record your guitar DAW re-amp reamping The obvious use is to record your guitar riffs to upload to your DAW, which allows you to turn your ideas into fully developed songs as easily and smoothly as possible.

Here's a few other uses we can think of:

  • Record Your Band - you can record your band's rehearsals if you plug the Memory Cable into the output of your PA mixer.
  • Backup Your Studio Sessions - connect it up to your audio interface. If your computer crashes, you forget to record-enable one of your tracks, or want to use an earlier take then it is all there on your Memory Cable. A handy little backup for each session.
  • Practice Makes Perfect - listen back to your performance from a different perspective. Work out areas you can improve on - achieve perfection.
  • Loop Yourself - if you want to jam along with yourself but don't have a looper you can always record your chord progression in the moment and stick your SD card into your computer. Import the track into your DAW and use the loop feature - voila!
  • Re-Amping Made Easy - Record your guitar signal and get the right effects later on. No more messing with DI boxes - just hit that record button and capture the pure signal of your instrument.
  • Record Your Gig - Capture those special moments - you could even release a live album with little effort.

We're interested to hear other ways to use this cable. Got any ideas? Let us know and we will add them.


Gibson have picked their partner wisely and have gone for Tascam. Well known for their reliable portable recording devices, Tascam have made this as simple as possible to operate so that when you are playing you can get yourself recording in an instant with just one button click. 

You can't play back the recordings from the Memory Cable itself - but the affordable microSD cards that you record onto can fit in most smartphones (not iPhones) and any laptop or computer.

Battery life is 8 hours from a standard AA battery. We recommend getting yourself a decent rechargeable one, to keep costs lower in the long run. 


The Tascam recorder in the Gibson Memory Cable records at 44.1kHz and 16-bit resolution which is CD quality. So if you nail a riff during your practice session it will be good enough quality to get into your DAW and create a song from there - no need to re-record it!

We think it won't be long until many serious guitarists or songwriters (that use any instrument!) have something like this. If you want a decent guitar cable that will last for a long time you have to pay premium prices anyway, so for a little bit more you can get all the benefits of a Memory Cable


This was originally only released in the USA but Dolphin Music are now selling the Gibson Memory Cable in the UK. 

re-amp your guitar dry signal memory cable gibson tascam portable recorder

A premium guitar cable, songwriter's aide and producer's gadget all in one.

We like the Gibson Memory Cable!

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