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Roland AIRA: The SYSTEM 1 Synthesizer

Published: Fri June 20, 2014  News Feed

Roland AIRA: The SYSTEM-1 Synthesizer

The final Roland AIRA product has landed. Meet the SYSTEM-1.

Owners of System 1 can download the SH-101 Plug Out synth here.

Ever since the 70s techno-heads have loved the flexibility and character of a Roland System modular synthesizer, but nowadays it's hard (and expensive!) to get your hand on vintage models such as the System 100, System 100M and System 700. It's that distinctive sound that helped The Human League, Depeche Mode and Erasure achieve success - which is why they are still sought after to this very day.

But things are about to change. Like its predecessors, the SYSTEM-1 offers plenty of flexibility and is equipped with a huge selection of synth sounds that deliver the same bold character that you expect of the vintage Roland System synthesizers. Okay, so it's a great sounding synth - but that's not even the start of it. The SYSTEM-1 takes synth flexibility to a whole new level.

Plug Out - It's a Game Changer

As well as replicating the old System analog synthesizers accurately, Roland have released something truly magical that may have changed the future of synthesizers as we know them. The System 1 can use virtual plug-ins of legendary Roland synthesizers that have been unattainable to the masses for so long. Simply load up plug-ins (with no computer required!) and experience an accurate replica of those revered sounds of the past. You can switch between the SYSTEM-1's internal and plug-in sounds easily, making the Roland System synthesizer more flexible than ever before. They have named this feature "PLUG-OUT".

The SH-101 Is Back

So you're starting to think of all the possibilities that Plug Out presents. The first plug-in designed for the System-1 is the SH-101 and it's getting people excited, with more plug-ins on the way such as the SH-2.

Electronic artists such as David Guetta, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and Aphex Twin use the SH-101, whereas bands such as Blur, Gorillaz, System of a Down and Kaiser Chiefs use the SH-101 to produce different results. This proves just how flexible the SH-101 can be - and this is only ONE plug-in. When you complie all of the plugins, plus the internal SYSTEM-1 sounds, you really are spoilt for choice. Check out the original SH-101:

Lots of Control

As you can see, the SYSTEM-1 gives you a lot more control than the original SH-101. Highlights are the four oscillators, arpegiator with SCATTER, tons of modulation and built-in delay/reverb effects.

Roland AIRA System1 System 1 Modular Synth - Synthesizer System 100 700

Seamless AIRA Setup

So we have a  versatile monosynth that gives you access to legendary sounds of the past, with more control than ever, and at a fantastic price. Expect to see the SYSTEM 1 integrated into many professional setups in the near future - we can't wait to get our hands on one!

It is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Roland AIRA range. Check out the TR-8 drum machine that combines the classic 808 and 909, the TB-3 (303) and VT-3 that would make perfect companions.

Just check out what the VT-3, TR-8 and VB-3 can do together. Imagine throwing a SYSTEM-1 into the mix and you have a top-of-the-range setup that enthusiasts would have thought never possible until AIRA came along.

What Does Roland System 1 Sound Like?

The guys over at Sonic State managed to get a closer look at what the System 1 can do, with a quick run down of some of the features and how it all sounds. If you are considering buying a Roland System 1, it is well worth watching this video.

Over at E-Muzyk there is a pretty cool demo combining the TR-8 and System-1 that is a brilliant demo of what the Roland AIRA series can do. The only problem is we can't understand Polish, so we had to skip some bits. When he plays the System-1 though, he gets it sounding great!

The Roland System-1 is available to purchase at Dolphin today!

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