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British Music vs Rest of the World

Published: Thu June 12, 2014  News Feed

Rest of the World vs England - A Musical Instrument Shootout

It's the first day of the World Cup! Samba bands and dancers will soon be flooding the streets of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo spreading the festive cheer and culture of Brazil with football fans from all over the world. When you think about it, world instruments seem so 'exotic' to us Britons.

With the World Cup thrusting Brazil in the limelight, we thought we would have a shoot-out (we did a football joke) between English instruments and those from around the world.

Brazil World Cup Music Instruments Percussion Latin

Rest of the World Instruments

Let's take a look at some of the weird and wonderful instruments we found when we scoured the world (via Pinterest ofcourse).

There's some fancy looking ones on our Pinterest board there, but what do these instruments sound like? This guy has over 700 instruments in his collection, which he kindly gives us a demo of:

There is no doubt that there are some beautiful sounding instruments in his collection, but it is likely that many of these instruments are not widely recognised outside of their home country.


With one of the toughest groups in this years World Cup, it is questionable whether England will even get through the group stages, with the likes of Uruguay and Italy to compete with. But do not despair - we might not be top dogs in the world of international football, but there is one thing that we are unbeatable at - and that is making sweet, sweet music.

Image Source: showbiz411

England's music scene spreads far wider than our small island with listeners all over the globe. Influential bands such as The Beatles shaped popular music over 50 years ago, making the electric guitar the most popular musical instrument. Even to the present day the guitar is the most popular instrument in the Western world - and over these 50 years we have worked on creating better instruments for this high demand.

gibson les paul electric guitar

Over the years, English guitars have been phased out with big American names such as Fender and Gibson storming the market. But one thing we are known for in England is the quality of our guitar amps.
Orange AD30 Guitar Amp

We've created a stack of English amps below, that consists of Orange, Vox, Marshall, Blackstar and Laney amps. Most famous guitarists from anywhere in the world will use one of these:

Even modern guitar software tries to emulate these amps, labelling settings such as 'British Gain' and trying to capture the essence of these amps. There is something about British guitar amps that make them sound special - it is that warm, saturated crunch of a valve amp that others cannot replicate to the same high standard.

The Verdict

Okay, so the rest of the world has some pretty cool instruments - infact, I wouldn't mind a Chinese Hulusi myself.

Despite the fact that it looks doubtful England will go far in the World Cup this year, we should look on the bright side of things. The rest of the world might be more successful international footballers nowadays, but there is no denying that England produce the best guitar amps out there.

So let's take the time to get involved with the World Cup spirit and explore the cultural side of Brazil. Whether it's the Samba dancing, the drums, the food or the people, it only comes round once every four years.

And when it's all over, we have these amazing guitar amps to return to and rock out with.

Our World Percussion section is full of weird and wonderful instruments that could add a new dimension to your music - just look at what the Sitar did for The Beatles!

Who do you think wins the instrument shootout this time? England's classic valve amps or the unusual instruments from over the world? Let us know!
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