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Fender Stratocaster Buying Guide

Published: Thu May 08, 2014  News Feed

If you have decided that the iconic Fender Stratocaster is the next guitar on your list, we have a huge range in stock at Dolphin Music. But whats the difference between the different Fender Stratocaster models? Our buying guide breaks it down and will help guide you in the right direction and find the right Stratocaster for you.

Here is a summary of each type of Strat, ordered from the lowest to the highest in price. 

Fender Squier Stratocaster Affinity


These cheap guitars are perfect for beginners, with series such as Affinity and Bullet making a fantastic first guitar.

From £91

Their Classic Vibes and Vintage Modified series are great guitars and offer extremely good value for money for intermediate players.

From £225

Fender Modern Player Strat

Modern Player

Aimed at entry-level players who take their playing seriously and want a real Fender strat with a unique look about it. The HSH pickup setup makes this a great option for both clean and heavy rock playing. Ideal if you are upgrading to your first professional guitar.

From £370

Fender Standard Stratocaster Mexican


If you want a traditional stratocaster then a Standard is the best way to get one on a budget. The same design that has been around since the 50s with some improvements made over the years. A no frills strat that you can't go wrong with.

From £409

Fender Classic Series Stratocaster 50s 60s 70s


Built to the exact specifications as the strats of the 50s, 60s and 70s, you can get yourself a real gem from the classic series. Period-correct parts have been replicated to make these exactly the same as the guitars of that era.

From £528

Fender Deluxe Fishman Strat Guitar


A similar traditional design to the Standard series, but with better pickups and switching options with some extra touches cosmetically (gold hardware, tortoiseshell pickguards) that make these both look and sound deluxe.

From £610

Fender American Special USA Stratocaster

American Special

The most affordable way to get an authentic Fender USA Stratocaster, the American Special has a vintage feel about it, with some special looks that make it live up to its name.

From £775

Fender American Standard USA Stratocaster

American Standard

The American Standard is a real workhorse - Fender call it the "heart of their family". Plain and simple, the American Standard is one that pleases everyone - you can't go wrong with one. And with Custom Shop pickups, it is sounding better than ever.

From £1094

Fender American Deluxe Stratocaster HSS Fat

American Deluxe

With some modern enhancements and quality parts, the American Deluxe is a fantastic player. Noiselses pickups and reconfigured switching give you complete control over your sound. The compound radius fretboard makes fretting notes a delight.

From £1240

Fender American Vintage 59 Stratocaster

American Vintage

After dissecting some real vintage gems from the past and studying their parts, Fender have created the exact replicas of their guitars of the past. The American Vintage series is their name - with the legendary '56, '59 and '65 strats all returning to life. Re-live the past!

From £1369

Fender Eric Johnson Artist Strat Signature


Fender have always worked closely with artists that love their gear. From Eric Clapton to John Mayer, Fender have created them a guitar to their exact requirements and spec from the artist's personal input. If it is good enough for Eric Johnson, it is certainly good enough for you!

From £1550

Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Custom Shop

The holy grail of Fender - the best of the best. Their Custom series instruments are truly a work of art, with the best hardware and techniques money can buy. If you have the money for a Fender Custom Shop, you will never look at another guitar.

From £1799

Prices correct May 2014 from Dolphin Music and may vary between colour/spec.

Hopefully you have more of an idea what type of strat is within your price range. If you play heavy rock/metal you might want to consider a HSS (known as a "Fat" Strat) variation or a HH (Blacktop) as humbuckers are strongly recommended for anything high gain over the usual stratocaster single coil pickups.

We have a large selection of left handed Fenders too, for all you lefties out there. We haven't left you out... (get it?). Check them out here!

If you would like some more information or you can't find a specific model or colour you require, our friendly sales team would be more than happy to help. Just give us a call on 0151 448 2080 between 9am-6pm.

Got any other questions about Stratocasters? Ask us below!

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