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Ibanez Acoustic Best Sellers - Guitar, Bass & Ukulele

Published: Mon April 14, 2014  News Feed

Ibanez Acoustic

by Danny Edwards

So you want the best acoustic guitar possible for as cheap as can be - everyone is in the same boat. Ibanez have a fantastic selection of acoustic instruments that are worth looking at - well built, a great reputation, and surprisingly affordable. We have compiled a list of the best selling Ibanez acoustic guitars, ukuleles and an acoustic bass to help you pick out the one that is for you.

Ibanez V50NJP Cheap Acoustic Guitar Beginner Starter Pack Kit

Acoustic Guitars

If you want a cheap acoustic guitar then the V50NJP Jam Pack provides you with everything you need to get started when learning how to play the guitar. For under £100, you are getting the V50 Dreadnought guitar, a gig bag, a clip-on chromatic tuner to tune your guitar, a guitar strap, picks and an accessories pouch. Bargain!

Available in: Natural or Vintage Sunburst

Ibanez AC240 Concert Best Acoustic Guitar

The Ibanez AC240 is a beautifully crafted concert guitar recommended for intermediate players who want a quality instrument without spending a fortune. The open pore finish on the solid mahogany top looks stunning, and it sounds even better.

Available as: Standard or Electro-AcousticBest Ibanez PF15 12 String Acoustic Guitar

The PCF1512 is a 12 string acoustic guitar is extremely cheap. Perfect for players who want to experiment with the luscious 12-string sound without having to splash out too much.

Available in: Natural

Ibanez TCM50E best electro acoustic guitar

Electro-Acoustic Guitars

The TCM50E brings together the worlds of electric guitar and acoustic in one unique guitar. Double cut-away for easy access to the higher frets - an affordable option for electric guitarists that want a versatile acoustic that looks cool


Ibanez TCY10E Acoustic Cut away Guitar ElectroAvailable in: Natural or Vintage Brown Sunburst

The TCY10E is similar to the TCM50 above but slightly more affordable with a different spec and colour options.

Available in: Transparent Blue Burst or Black
Ibanez EW20 Ash Natural Exotic Acoustic Guitar

The EW20ASE is an electro-acoustic made out of Ash for an exotic look with a pronounced mid range that delivers a wonderful tone. For the intermediate player who wants something reliable with a unique feel. Also availabine in Walnut for a richer tone.
Ibanez PF15ECE Single Cut Dreadnought acoustic guitar
Available in: Ash or Walnut

The PF15ECE is a more traditional looking guitar with a single cut away and electronics that make this a very versatile guitar. Recommended for people looking to buy their first or second guitar.Ibanez AEG10II Black Acoustic Guitar Electro

Available in: Natural, Black or Transparent Blue Burst

The AEG10II is a true workhorse. An ideal upgrade for intermediate level guitarists who want something that will survive on the road.

Ibanez TCY8 Electro Acoustic Guitar BlackAvailable in: Black, Vintage Sunburst or Transparent Red Burst


The TCY8 is another double cutaway acoustic that allows electric players to adjust to the acoustic guitar easier. At this price it would make an extremely cool first guitar, which is good enough to take gigging with you.

Available in: Black

Acoustic Bassibanez acosutic aeb8e best acoustic bass guitar black

The AEB8E is the most popular acoustic bass that offers exceptional value for money for intermediate skilled bassists. Perfect for unplugged performances with your friends or to plug in and gig with. One of the cheapest by price but not by feel - this Ibanez bass is popular for a reason. 

 Available in: Black



Ibanez UKS10 Ukulele SopranoUkulele

The UKS10 Soprano Ukulele is a well built ukulele that allows you to get that Haiwaiian sound. Perfect for beginners to learn on and extremely cheap, you can't afford not to have one. Close your eyes and strum some ukulele chords - with the UKS10 you are guaranteed to feel the warmth of the Haiwaiian sunshine.

Ibanez Ukulele Concert Electro Preamp

Available in: Natural

The UEW30RWE is a concert ukulele that is made for serious ukulele players. With a built-in preamp, you can take this gigging with you and be confident that it will sound brilliant. With a richer tone than a standard Soprano, and a single cutaway for easier access to the top frets. The perfect upgrade for a current player who wants to take their playing to the next step.

Available in: Rosewood

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