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Toontrack Drum EZX Sample & MIDI Packs

Published: Mon March 10, 2014  News Feed

Toontrack Drum EZX Expansion & Midi Packs - What Are They?

by Danny Edwards

Whether you are using Toontrack EZdrummer 2 or Superior Drummer, drum samples and MIDI packs can be a great way to get the exact drum beats you are after.

A lot of people ask "what is the best expansion/midi pack for Toontrack?". There is a distinct difference between the two, and both are useful in different ways.

Drum MIDI Packs

MIDI files contain no sound at all - they contain performance data. Imagine a guy is playing the keyboard - when he presses a key, he is instructing the keyboard which note he wants it to play and for how long it will go on for. Now pretend he gets replaced by a computer - MIDI is the computer's way of telling the keyboard what to play. It is a tiny file that holds a musical performance inside - but remember, it has no sound - it just knows what to play!

The Toontrack drum MIDI packs contain lots of these different MIDI files, and each MIDI file holds a different performance. If you put a midi file through EZdrummer, you can apply different presets and effects to it to make the MIDI file play a drum kit. The MIDI file will then play its performance through EZdrummer. Here is an example of two different midi files going through the same preset on EZdrummer. Notice how the drum beats are different - that's because the MIDI files (the performance data) are different.

EZX Drum Sample Packs

A sample pack allows you to make the same performance sound different. Whether you want a certain drum beat to sound bright and punchy or dull and laid back, you can use choose a sample pack to reflect the sound you want to achieve.
Here is the Toontrack Music EZX Rock! Expansion in action, proving how samples have an effect over the sound:

MIDI packs and drum sample packs can be used alongside each other to achieve perfect results. For example - if you want to create a drums track for a heavy metal song, you could use a few MIDI files from the Metal Machine MIDI Pack and use a sample kit from the EZX Metal Machine sample pack through EZdrummer or Superior Drummer.

The Metal Machine MIDI Pack will act like the drummer - it will provide the performance - whilst the EZX Metal Machine sample pack will act as the drum kit - and provide us with the sounds. Paired up together, you end up with a mean metal drum track that is played by a professional drummer and mixed by a professional engineer for the best possible metal drum tone.

This is why MIDI packs and the EZX sample packs are both a useful addition to any musicians EZdrummer/Superior Drummer library. They are affordable and have a wide range to pick from, so that you can get the exact sound you want.
From pop to metal and from folk to jazz, there is a
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