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Installing a PCI Sound Card

Published: Sun July 18, 2004  News Feed

Click on the link below to watch a flash animation that shows how to install the hardware and software for Delta series audio cards and configure it for hardware monitoring in Windows XP:

Click here to see how to install and configure Delta series audio cards in Windows XP

The PCI card and other components in the computer can be easily damaged by electrical shock. You need to use an anti-static device that can discharge the static electricity of your body to avoid potential static damage to the cards.


1. The PCI card is placed into the anti static plastic pouch as it is packaged. Do not open the pouch before you install the card.

2. Turn off the computer power and remove the power cable from your computer power supply.


3. Remove the computer cover. Make sure that you have an available PCI slot in your motherboard to install the card. Please, refer to your computer user's manual to remove the cover.


4. To avoid possible static shock to the computer parts, discharge yourself by touching the computer case or something grounded. If possible use an anti-static wrist band.

5. When you need to hold the PCI card, please hold it on the guide or the edge of card. Do not grab the card by the board.

Installing The PCI card

Please look for an empty PCI slot. If you do not know which one is an actual PCI slot, please, read the following;

There are 3 kinds slots in most recent computers. The PCI slot is most common and is used for different types of devices from the soundcard to the modem. Usually, the PCI slot is the white-colored slot. The ISA slot is used in older computers and it is marked with a black slot. The AGP slot is only for the video card and is the most recent type of slot. It is marked with a brown slot and is located close to the CPU. It will be not too hard to find the PCI slot for your sound card.
If there is a guide blocking the empty slot, please remove the guide using a screwdriver.

Next, put the PCI card into the slot and make sure it is placed in the slot correctly. The card will fit into your slot and then tighten the screw.


Close the computer case.

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