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Digitech Guitar & Vocals Multi-Effects Pedals

Published: Wed February 26, 2014  News Feed

Achieving the right sound is hard. Achieving the right sound is usually expensive. That's why Digitech have made it easier for you, with their range of multi-effects pedals that are surprisingly affordable.

Digitech Element Series Guitar Pedal Digitech Element Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

First of all, we have the Element series. Designed for guitarists on a low budget you have up to 58 guitar effects in total, including the Digitech Whammy™ on the XP model (as made famous by Jack White of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs).

With 12 amp and 9 speaker cab settings you can mix and max to get the right tone that suits your style. Layer a few effects over the top and you have a quality guitar rig from only £69. If you aren't sure what sound you are after, you can experiment with one of the 200 presets and explore which effects compliment your style.

For guitarists who love to play at all hours, the designated headphone slot is an essential feature if you want to stay friendly with your neighbours. Practicing does not have to be a solitary task either - you can make use of the 45 drum loops or the Aux In socket which allows you to connect your iPod and play along with your favourite tracks.

With the ability to connect up to a mixer for direct recording in the studio and to hook up to an amp for live performances, these versatile Element pedals certainly pack a punch, and are at a great price. You can find out more about them below:

Digitech Element Guitar Multi-Effects
Digitech Element XP Guitar Multi-Effects

Digitech RP360 Series Guitar Pedal

Digitech RP360 XP Guitar Multi Effects Pedal DAW Named after its ability to offer a complete 360 degree solution, this pedal pretty much does everything. With up to 162 effects in total the RP360 provides you with endless possibilities, whilst the LCD display makes it easy to navigate between them. The most notable effect added to the RP360 is a looper that can record up to 40 seconds at a time, providing endless amounts of fun.

You can make use of the 200 onboard presets to save your favourite tones. One huge feature is the USB connectivity that allows you to make use of Digitech's Nexus software. With this you can edit, share and download presets onto your pedal, or play straight through your DAW as shown below. You can record directly into software such as GarageBand, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton and many many more on both PC and MAC, making this an extremely savvy piece of studio gear.

The RP360 series is constructed of metal casing and footswitches, giving it a rugged feel that you know will last. LIke the Element series, the RP360 has a headphone slot and Aux In as well as an increased 60 drum loops, making practice sessions seriously fun.

At £135, the RP360 is an affordable way to professionally record directly into your PC/Mac, with a phenomenal amount of effects that you can take on stage with you. You can find out more about them below:

Digitech RP360 Guitar Multi-Effects
Digitech RP360 XP Guitar Multi-Effects

Digitech Vocalist Live Series PedalDigitech Vocalist Live FX Multi-Effects Vocal Pedal

This one is for all those singers out there. Two additions have been made to this range; the Live FX and the Live Harmony.

Starting with the Live FX, Digitech claim that this provides studio quality effects for live performances. And they are right to make this claim - using licensed Lexicon Reverb along with delay, harmony, pitch shifting, distortion, modulation and a remarkable 70 second record time looper, the results are outstanding and can really spice up your live sound.

The Live Harmony focuses largely on providing brilliant harmonies by adding two additional voices when activated that can range between one octave below and one octave above. When paired with the looper that also provides 70 second recording time and unlimited overdubs, solo artists can sound like full blown choirs whilst delivering powerful live performances thanks to this little box.

Both use the latest dbx feedback compression, halting any feedback in its way using the automatic 12 filters to ensure live performances run smoothly. The Live Adapt and musIQ™ technology listens to you and automatically sets the tempo, noise gate levels and harmonies so that you can focus on what really matters, whilst the Gold Channel mic pre allows these pedals to provide fantastic audio clarity. You can find out more about these brilliant vocal processors below:

Digitech Vocalist Live FX Vocal Multi-Effects
Digitech Vocalist Harmony Vocal Multi-Effects

DOD Guitar Effects Pedals Return

After something a little more boutique? The elegant DOD guitar effects have returned for a limited amount of time.

DOD Overdrive Preamp 250 Boutique Guitar Distortion PedalDOD Phasor 201 Boutique 70s Guitar Pedal Phaser

Lets go right back to 1974 when two friends got together and started building pedals for a bit of extra cash in between gigs. Their band didn't take off, but their pedals certainly did. 

Returning to their true roots, the new Overdrive Preamp 250 and Phasor 201 deliver those classic analog tones that have influenced music throughout the last 40 years. Featuring true bypass, a modern power jack, lightweight alluminuim casing and a crisp LED light, these pedals boast sheer class in a simplistic manner. These reissues certainly represent the 'more is less' philosophy in a brilliant light - they don't do much, but they are true masters of what they can do. Add one of these to your pedalboard and you will thank yourself for years to come.

So whether you are after an all-in-one guitar pedal, a vocal processor or a simplistic boutique pedal, our new range of Digitech and DOD pedals are now available for preorder here.

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