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TC Helicon Voicelive 3 - Harmonise & Improvise

Published: Thu January 02, 2014  News Feed

TC Helicon Voicelive 3 - Harmonise & Improvise

TC Helicon Voicelive 3

Vocals - Guitars - Looper

Ableton On Offer

Ever dreamed of owning a massive pedal board with delays, distortions & modulation? Or stacks of amps and studio effects in your rack? Maybe you're after an inspiring creative tool for writing arrangements on the fly? TC Helicon and TC Electronic have been catering to the needs of guitarists, vocalists, songwriters and studio engineers for decades and the Voicelive 3 is the culmination of a lot of hard work. It's simply an incredible tool for anyone looking to get versatile, professional effects for the studio or a unit that's been tested to destruction for the road. That's why the professionals turn to TC Helicon.

Artists Using TC Helicon
Who What For Why They Love It
Serj Tankian Using VoiceLive
Serj Tankian - System Of A Down
Serj uses the Voicelive Rack to enhance his performance with heavy delay and reverb on certain sections. Not one to bow to convention Serj also creates otherworldly atmospheres by processing flutes through the effects section. “The effects on the VoiceLive Rack are incredible and take you to another place in terms of performance”
Alan Parsons TC Heilcon Voice Live
Alan Parson - Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd (Engineer)
Alan uses a vast array of the effects and features on his VoiceLive, moving between his programmed presets using the footswitches. He's managed to replicate complex studio effects from the album using only his VoiceLive and who doesn't want to sound like an "Egyptian Princess on acid!” “The VoiceLive is great,” Alan says, “I love how it’s a floor unit – keeping hands free.”
Beardyman Using T C Helicon
Beardyman - Prize Winning, Jaw Dropping, Beatboxer Extraordinaire
For a man who's voice is his only instrument it's very important to get the right creative tool for effects and looping. Beardyman can achieve a great deal with only a mic and a looper. Once you start throwing in harmonies and effects things can get very interesting.

In fact Beardyman loves his VoiceLive so much that he told the Sun "It allows me to create stuff that nothing else in the world can!"

He is also known for using a Kaoss Pad to take things even further, getting both hands and feet all over his effects.
“My personal conviction when it comes to making music is that if you disconnect the moment of inspiration from the act of composition or recording you get rubbish. My whole live system and recording method is about desperately trying to re-unite those 2 sides of creation so that my conscious mind can’t ruin what my soul comes out with. The TC-Helicon product I use helps me to do that. I generally rock up to a gig with no idea of what I’m gonna do and rely on the system I’ve built to enable me to get whatever comes into my head to become a musical performance indistinguishable from a DJ set. I’m working on a Max MSP based system which will further these goals, but the VoiceLive 2 will continue to be a part of the system.”
Emma Hewitt & TC Helicon
Emma Hewitt - Tiesto, Armin Van Buren, Dash Berlin
Coming from a more rock and folk based background Emma wasn't used to big effects and rakes of gear. Having developed into dance music collaborator she now relies on Voicelive to get the sound she's after. Having experienced engineers who cant get the vocal sound she's after the Voicelive 2 solves a lot of stage sound problems. "Being a Dance singer I tend to sing a lot of high, floaty vocals, so being able to tap in a nice long delay – and just kick it on for those really high parts – has just changed my performance so much. And that’s one of the bonuses of the VoiceLive 2 – you don’t have to be a tech-head to use it, it’s so simple and user-friendly. "
Robyn On VoiceLive 2
From pop starlet to a more hard edged, serious sound but still racking up hits. Robyn's studio creativity can be replicated using the VoiceLive as well as delivering perfect harmonies. “We’re particlarly using it for vocoded / harmonised style effects and we’ve been able to tweak it to pretty much match the studio sound we’ve been using for the last 3 years so it’s been quite a handy piece of gear!”
Troy Sanders Mastodon T C VoiceSynth
Troy Sanders - Mastodon
Not a Voice Live user but Troy is a big fan of the VoiceTone Synth. It's appeared on record and it goes on tour every time.

So that's artists using all the different features of the VoiceLive 2, admiring it's sheer flexibility and sound quality. If you need serious vocal processing, want to recreate recorded sounds live, harmonise with guitar, loop or get wildly creative then it may well be the best vocal effects pedal for you.

Some of you may have already decided that you only want one aspect of this, so need something that is tailored specifically to that need.
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