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QOTSA Guitar Gear - Troy Van Leeuwen & Josh Homme On Tour

Published: Mon September 09, 2013  News Feed

QOTSA Guitar Gear - Troy Van Leeuwen & Josh Homme On Tour

By Hugh McKenna

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The Arctic Monkeys Gear Guide, these boys have certainly picked up a few tips from Josh Homme in recent years.

Troy Van Leeuwen recently revealed what gear he's been using on the latest Queens Of The Stone Age tour. Speaking to Premier Guitar he revealed his love of the Vox AC30, digital effects and Fender Jazzmasters. They also took a little peak at Josh Homme's guitar and amp setup, no sight of his pedal board but the hints are not expect any magical black boxes, just great quality standard production pedals like Troys.

Watching the video we can see some hard rock classics and plenty of Way Huge pedals along with an MXR Envelope Filter and the Digitech Whammy for when things get wild and funky.

Queens Of The Stone Age Guitar Gear

More Way Huge, Boss RV-5, everyone's fave the Line 6 DL4 and the new Electro Harmonix Superego. This all combines with a supercharged lap steel guitar, which uses a Seymour Duncan Invader high output pickup! Not conventional blues slide by any means but more creative and atmospheric.

On a slightly more functional note there's a Dunlop Volume pedal and Korg Pitchblack Tuner, incredibly reliable and bullet proof stage staples. They'd have to be in order to survive the rigorous touring schedule of a massive act like Queens Of The Stone Age.

In terms of backline there's everything from the classic to the contemporary and boutique.

Troy Van Leuween Guitar And Amp Rig

 Troy's been using the Fractal Axe FX for a lot of his effects and relying on his trusty Vox AC30's for the amps, as he's not totally down with amp modelling at this point. Understandable if you've ever turned an AC30 all the way up. Regarding his guitars Troy has become quite an advocate for Echo Park custom models, in fact everyone in QOTSA owns at least one! Of course he's also on the record as being a Jazzmaster fan too.

Troy Van Leeuwen Guitar

We can also see an sE Electronics Voodoo Ribbon mic for capturing that full valve tone on stage.

Josh Homme Guitar Rig

Josh Homme Guitar Gear

Nothing too revelatory here, Josh has long been a fan of Ampeg VT40's, designed in the 70's and sadly now out of production. A big part of Josh's stripped back sound no doubt, along with his MotorAve guitars. There's a little more to see on bassist Michael Shuman's side of the stage.

QOTSA Guitars

In more synchronised red tolex there's a pretty classic bass rig. Both Precision and Jazz Fender basses are represented, along with two Fender Bassman amps. Nice and hefty, backed up with yet more Way Huge (Angry Troll, Supa Puss, Swollen Pickle), a couple of Korg Pitchblack Tuners (one for a Moog unit off stage) and another Dunlop Volume pedal.

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