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Shure Wireless System Buying Guide

Published: Tue July 23, 2013  News Feed

Shure Wireless System Buying Guide

Shure Wireless Systems



Want To Learn More About Wireless?

Our guide to wireless frequency use

Shure guide to wireless microphones

Shure microphones are a common sight on stage and in studios all over the world, the SM58 in particular is so popular that you can see it being used a range of vocalists from Bono to the band down the pub. Now that legendary sound comes without wires attached as Shure have introduced a wireless SM58, part of their new range of Analogue & Digital wireless systems. It's not just singers after a killer vocal sound, guitarists, brass sections, theatre performers and presenters all benefit from some intelligent new technology and road tough construction.

Shure Analogue Wireless Systems

Simply scan for a frequency with a single button press on the receiver and battery up your transmitter and select the same frequency. Compact formats without need for aerials and great battery life means you can perform without hassle or worries. Analogue wireless systems are a great choice for critical situations.

Shure Digital Wireless Systems

Making life simple and sound clearer, digital systems are perfect for touring bands and guitarists who simply want to plug and play. As soon as you switch the system on it scans for a clear frequency, then keeps on scanning to ensure you don't suffer any interference. Working in the 2.4GHz range means you don't need to worry about a license either. With two rechargeable batteries, multiple charging options and a digital power management system (including accurate battery life clock) you always be sure to that you've got juice.

Shure Wireless Systems
Wireless Vocal System
Shure Entry Level Wireless Vocal
PG58 Handheld System

Analogue Wireless
The famous Shure sound for less and the same rock solid wireless performance as larger systems.
SM58 Digital Wireless System
SM58 Handheld System

Digital Wireless
Used on stage by more artists than any other microphone. Legendary sound matched with faultless performance and no hassle with license free operation.
Wireless Headset System
Headset Users
Shure Wireless Headset
PG30 Headset System

Analogue Wireless
Stable, secure and resistant to moisture and impacts. The PG30 is a perfect choice for more robust use.
Headset Handheld Combo
PG30 Headset & PG58 Handheld System

Analogue Dual
If you're working alongside someone else or need to alternate to a handheld microphone.
Wireless Guitar System
Shure BLX Wireless Guitar System
Wireless Guitar System

Analogue Wireless
Comes with everything you need to be the wild axeman and get freedom of the stage. Just don't step on the vocalists toes!
Wireless Lavalier Presentation
Single Lav Wireless System
Single PG185 Lavalier System

Analogue Wireless
Ideal for presenters who want to be heard but the mic unseen. Don't worry about running over with over 14 hours of battery life from a pair of AA batteries.
Two Lav Wireless System
Dual PG185 Lavalier System

Analogue Dual
Ideal for joint presentations or conducting interviews while keeping the equipment discrete.
Wireless System For Brass
Brass Musicians
Shure Instrument Wireless System
Beta 98H/C Clip On System

Analogue Wireless
Don't worry about getting the right gear at the gig. Turn up with your own superb sounding Shure system and free yourself up.

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