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Dolphin Music Liverpool Guitar Shop: FAQ's

Published: Thu March 16, 2006  News Feed

1. So why does an established online music retailer want to open a music shop?

In many ways we have to thank Line 6 for the motivation to open a music shop. Around 6 months ago they cancelled our account because we didn’t have a shop. We never used to sell much Line 6 gear but we wanted to continue supplying our customers and according to the new Line 6 contract the only way we could sell their products was to  open a music shop.

Having a music shop also gives us access to other brands such as Fender, Gibson, Roland and so on.

2. I have always known you as a Pro Audio Dealer but the shop is focused on Guitars?

This is true. Coming up with our store profile has been one of the most difficult processes that we have been through to date. We are going to have 2 PC's & 2 Mac's set up for music production with experts on hand to help you. The majority of the space is aimed at Guitarists.

3. Why open a shop in Liverpool?

In case you didn’t know that’s where we are based. Our main warehouse is located just by Liverpool John Lennon Airport. Not to metion the fact that it's a great city to live in for music, it's well connected with the North West with and has tons of musicians living here!

4. Are you going to opening more shops?

Not just yet. Lets see how this one goes....

5. Will I be able to get the same price in the shop as I can from your web site?

In almost all cases yes but unfortunately we can not guarantee this on every product we have.

6. Can I see what you have in stock in the shop?

Not yet, but soon you will be able to log in our web site to see if we have something available form the shop. For now just call us on 0870 840 9060

7. If I buy something online can I take it back to the shop?

Yes you can, but you will still need to get your return authorised from our return's department before it wil be accepted.

8. How are you going to Differentiateyourself from the local competition?

We have done a lot of research in Liverpool and have discovered that a lot of Guitarists are going outside of Liverpool to buy their guitars. We asked customers what they wanted to see in a Guitar shop. They told us: Boutique Amps, custom Guitars, unusual brands, second hand vintage guitars and a large and diverse accessories bar - it is these areas that we have concerntrated on.

9. What is the shop going to be called?

We want the shop to be called Dolphin Music - The Guitar Shop. We want people to recognise our brand but understand it is a area within the Dolphin Music brand that concerntrates on Guitars and guitar accessories.

10. Why should I come (keep coming) to your shop?

Dolphin Music - The Guitar Shop will be more then just a normal shop. We want to create a Guitar Shop for the guitarist. We understand that you need expert advice and help so we have employed (and paid for) the very best in staff. We also understand that customers require a shop to change it's stock regularly to keep people interested. Not many stores are able to do this due to financial constraints. Dolphin Music are lucky enough to have a warehouse close by with enough stock to fill our store 5 times over. So customers can keep coming back and having different experiences each time they come in.

11. Can I try out equipment in the store?

We will have three demonstration areas within the store. You can try all our guitars and amps, not to mention the music technology recording and emulation software.

12. What about if I want something that is on your site but not in the store?

If you walk into the store and require a product that is on our website but we don't have it in store then you can request the store get it in for the next day for you. We have daily deliveries and as long as you get your request in that day we can have it for you the next day for the online price minus postage.


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