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Glastonbury Gear Guide - Hipster Edition

Published: Mon July 01, 2013  News Feed

Glastonbury Gear Guide - Hipster Edition

By Hugh McKenna

It's all over for another year, just one this time. By all accounts the Stones lived up to the hype, Mumfords stomped a merry jig and the Arctic Monkeys delivered something for the rockers. That's for later however, here we check out the trendier, moustachioed set with our vintage, lenseless Geargoggles. Play along at home by giving yourself a point for every piece gear you share with artists here, 3 points for any artist where we've confirmed sight of a hipster in the crowd.

James Blake Synth Setup

Largely working alone in the studio with lots of effects and instruments means James has to pick a versatile rig when playing live. This picture nicely encapsulates what he's got going on.

James Blake Live Gear

The major pieces appear to be a Fender Tele, Moog Taurus, Nord Piano and just out of shot to the right is James' Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08.

Another important element to getting a layered studio sound is the Roland SP-404SX Sampler.

The top Nord keyboard appears to be a Wave synth and the little box on top of the Piano is a Moog Minitaur.

Being a big festival there were a lot of Neumanns being used alongside the SM58. It appears a KMS105 is being used on Mr. Blake.

No hipsters that we could see in this crowd, maybe he's gone mainstream, now that you can make out all the words he's singing.

Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Guitars And Keys

Nick Cave Bad Seeds Guitar

Style is fleeting but class is permanent and it doesn't get much classier than black suits, black stage dressing, scowls and rock poses. Here they are towards the end of a great set crescendo, Warren Ellis wailing on violin and effects pedals (lots of them). The MicroKorg was used a bit earlier in the set.

Nick Cave Glastonbury
 Nick Cave Guitar Amps Nick Cave Warren Ellis Guitar
Nick Cave Nord Piano Nick Cave Bad Seeds Live

No shortage of tasty gear here with a well worn Fender P-Bass, Sonic Blue Fender Mustang and vintage Korg organ.

The backline consists of two Fender Tweed combos, an Ampeg stack and seemingly two Mesa/Boogie Mark V combos.

What's not as easy to spot at first glance is that Nick isn't playing an upright but a Nord Stage 2 tucked into specially built frame.

For Warren's pedals we can certainly spot a Tubescreamer and Boss CS-3 down there plus maybe an MXR Microamp.

Extra points on offer here for this modest hipsterism. A check shirt, man scarf and christmas jumper all on display but thankfully on three separate people.

Nick Cave Glastonbury

Everything Everything Gear

They played Sound City here in Liverpool a couple months back and they played another blinder at Glastonbury. This time we got a better look at their complete live setup.

Everything Everything Gear

Here they are sporting what looks like Blackstar Artisan 30 combos and an M-Audio Axiom MIDI controller.

Everything Everything Novation Mininova

And for their signature synth textures and rhythms here's the Novation Mininova helping out.


Haim Guitar

Tipped as the Sound Of 2013 by the BBC it's been a busy year for Haim. Here's Danielle getting into it with her favoured Gibson SG.

Haim Microkorg

And Alana kicking things off on Falling with her MicroKorg. With quite a stripped back style the MicroKorg often sits front and center in the mix, a little synth with a big sound.

Cat Power

Cat Power Glastonbury

Chalk up another two sightings for the MicroKorg family, Nord and Roland's SPD-30. The SPD-30 and SPD-SX were a common accompaniment for lots of bands with kits and individual toms/snares.

And it's another triple hipster points bonanza for Cat Power, due to what appears to be a man in dungarees and train drivers cap in the crowd.

Cat Power Glastonbury Gear

Vampire Weekend

Speaking of the much loved Roland SPD series drum pads, here it is again with Vampire Weekend.

Vampire Weekend Drums

Suffice it to say if you own a MicroKorg and a sleeveless shirt then you are the hipster band member to rule them all.

Deap Vally

We've checked out the ladies from Deap Vally before (no sniggering at the back) and their appearance at Glastonbury confirmed they're using largely the same gear.

Deap Vally Gear

Similar to the Bad Seeds setup, some aggressive Tweed tone, Mustang bite and fuzz pedals are all in evidence.

Django Django

Django Django Glastonbury

Django Django take their elaborate and varied sound to the stage without compromise. Plenty of interesting vintage gear and effects on the keyboard riser to help with that. On bass we can see an Ashdown ABM head and cab combination. Plus everyone's favourite gigging combo, the Hot Rod Deluxe.


Villagers Novation Keys

They've been getting a lot of play on Radio 6 and it's easy to see why if you check out Nothing Arrived on the BBC highlights. On keys we can see a Novation Impulse controller and Nord Stage 2.

The Horrors

The Horrors Orange Blackstar

Looking pretty darn thin and hipster it's the Horrors. More interested in their new amps than their new clothes though, sporting Blackstar Artisan amps and what looks like an Orange AD200 bass amp in white.


We already know quite a bit about what Portishead use in the studio from guitarist Adrian Utley going into detail about his love of Orange Amps, modular synths, delays and pedals. But even his extensive setup doesn't constitute everything happening on record, drums, samples, keys and of course Beth's vocals are all key components as well. No surprise that their live rig is pretty impressive and liable to cause extreme gear lust. If you are of a nerdvous disposition please look away now.

Portishead Live Gear

One vintage Italian analogue synth not enough for you? Clearly not as there's two here, one from Siel the other a Jen. Time was that you could pick these up relatively cheaply but as with all things vintage their popularity has greatly increased in recent years.

Portishead Live

Somewhat more attainable is the evil sounding Korg Mono/Poly and a Moog Little Phatty. That's four analogue synths for those brooding atmospheres, backline consists of Ade's beloved Orange AD30, a Vox AC30, Ampeg stack and there also appears to be a vintage electric piano kicking around. Couldn't they just get a Nord like everyone else?

Portishead Glastonbury 2013
Portishead Guitar Amps Portishead Drummer
Portishead Glastonbury Gear

And if you're luck enough to own any of this glorious vintage analogue gear then consider you're self lucky, as it's triple hipster points thanks to this happy chappy in the crowd watching Portishead.
Portishead Crowd

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