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Yamaha Silent Instruments - Quietly Making Your Mark

Published: Fri June 28, 2013  News Feed

Yamaha Silent Instruments - Quietly Making Your Mark



Quiet Mark AwardUnless you live on a croft in the Hebrides you've almost certainly had to contend with unwanted noise from your surroundings. Whether it's noisy neighbours or the council deciding to do road works at 8am we've all had to contend with unwanted disturbances.

Fortunately the Noise Abatement Society (NAS) is working to improved things and have introduced the Quiet Mark, an international mark of approval given to technology designed to be quiet and so help improve our quality of life.

Naturally musicians can often be guilty of intruding with noise. Practicing at home or looking for that perfect take recording a solo over and over again we might not even notice that we're getting carried away. So Yamaha have sought to help with their fantastic silent range of instruments. Bass, brass, strings, drums, guitar and piano have all been given the silent treatment.

Not just a nice consideration for your family, housemates and neighbours the Silent Instruments have uncompromising sound quality and professional features. The Silent concept is no novelty and can carry all the usual advantages of instruments that deliver sound via DI rather than acoustically.

  • No need to worry about acoustics, if you're going to a recording where you're not sure the acoustics are up to snuff then the Silent series can offer a great sounding alternative.
  • Live sound consistency, don't worry about the sound man and simply turn up with your own sound good to go.
  • Forget about spill, if you're in a confined space for recording or playing live you can be sure that you'll find your place in the mix without worrying about spill problems.

A lovely demonstration of all these benefits came together at the Ideal Home Exhibition in Earls Court this year with a band demonstration of the Piano, Bass, Guitar and Drums. Great musicians playing wonderful music without disturbance, unwanted interference or any difficulty hearing one another.

Yamaha Silent Instruments Ideal Home Earls Court

First up we take a little look at probably the most tricky instrument to practice at home, the drums.

Yamaha DTX400 Silent Instrument

Electronic drum kits might not be especially new but Yamaha are always at the cutting edge, developing new technologies to improve feel, sound quality and reduce unwanted noise. No one wants to get interrupted by an irate family member because they're going all Levee Breaks like Bonzo, do they? The new Silent Kick Unit in the DTX400K can minimise this problem and let you keep on rocking in the free world, day and night.

Yamaha DTX400K

Now for another solution to bedroom rockers and their occasional noise pollution.

Yamaha Silent Guitar

Take inspiration with you wherever you go, the Silent Guitar is ready for practice, play and performance. With Headphone Out, Line Out, Aux In and effects built in you can get the sound you want, going where you need and play along with mp3/CD players.

Which model you choose will depend on the feel you're after, stately classical, contemporary acoustic/electric or a unique hybrid for classical sound with faster and harder playing style.

Yamaha Silent Guitars
Yamaha SLG110S Black
Yamaha SLG110S Silent Guitar

Perfect if you're more used to electric body shapes.
Yamaha SLG110N Silent Guitar
Yamaha SLG110N

If you want a classical sound but would like to move around the neck faster and more aggressively.
Yamaha SLG130N Silent Guitar
Yamaha SLG130N

Really lush in look and feel. For players used to classical playing style but with the unique silent guitar sound and effects.

Yamaha Silent Brass

Here's where things get really clever, specially designed brass mute pickups from Yamaha. Combined with the ST-9 Personal Studio it's all you need to practice at a reasonable home volume.

Yamaha Silent Brass Systems
Instrument Brass Mute Pickup
Trumpet/Cornet Yamaha SB7-9 Trumpet Mute Pickup
Flugelhorn Yamaha Flugelhorn Silent Brass
Trombone Yamaha Trombone Silent Brass
Tuba Tuba Yamaha Silent Brass
Euphoium Yamaha Euphonium Silent Brass
French Horn Yamaha Silent Brass French Horn
Complete the Silent Brass pickup system with the Personal Studio. Yamaha Silent Brass Pickup System

Arguably the most technically impressive is the Yamaha Silent Piano. Taking over 100 years of piano making expertise and marrying it with the latest technology, moving things into the future.With the provided Yamaha headphones on listening to immaculate piano tones with realistic ambience applied and feeling the natural hammer action of a real piano it can be easy to forget that you're even in silent mode. You can also "convert" a humble upright into a grand piano by engaging silent mode and using audio outputs, true piano feel and tone.

It's certainly made a big impression on Jamie Cullum.

 Yamaha Silent Violin

The ideal tool for the gigging Violinist, get a huge range of sounds from one instrument. Go from classical to jazz to cajun by adjusting the settings on your SV series violin. That's before you even get to the possibilities of using guitar effects like in the video below.

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