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Blackstar ID Series Gets Gold

Published: Mon June 10, 2013  News Feed

Blackstar ID Series Gets Gold

Blackstar ID Series Reviews

The ID series delivers True Valve Power with Blackstar's special patent pending design. Being masters of all things valve has helped them deliver all their true analogue characteristics, response, dynamics, sag, break up and now even the same power. So 15 watts from an ID amp means that it is as loud as it's valve equivalent. Indeed 15 watts at that volume is easily enough to play small gigs, with selectable amp models you can decide whether you want all clean headroom or a bit of crunch.

Lets take a closer look.

Blackstar ID Series Guide
Blackstar ID:15TVP
Blackstar ID15
Blackstar ID30
Blackstar ID30
Blackstar ID60
Blackstar ID60
Blackstar ID260
Blackstar ID260
Blackstar ID100
Blackstar ID100
Price £199 £279 £399 £459 £399
Amp Models
Clean Warm – Very clean, dynamic
Clean Bright – ‘Boutique’, will break up when pushed hard
Crunch – Classic medium gain overdrive
Super Crunch – More gain and punch than Crunch
OD 1 – Hot-rodded Master Volume overdrive with medium power amp damping
OD 2 – Mid boosted hot-rod overdrive

Make your dream amp by matching any type of valve, EL84 Super Crunch or classic 6L6 Cleans? It's up to you.

EL84 Bell-like full bodied Class A with lots of compression
6V6 Crisp Class A with high compression and tight mids
EL34 Classic British Class A/B crunch with full bodied soft break-up
KT66 Rich and warm vintage British hot biased Class A/B
6L6 Tight dynamic Class A/B with extended high and lows
KT88 Tight, bold and dynamic Class A/B with strong low end

12 Total:

4 x Modulation - Phase, Flange, Chorus, Tremolo
4 x Delay - Linear, Analogue, Tape, Multi
4 x Reverb - Room, Hall, Spring, Plate
USB Recording & Deep Editing
MP3 Line In
Emulated Output
Reamp Input (In Editing Software)
Patch Storage
MIDI Footswitching
Wattage/Speaker 15 Watt
1 x 10" Speaker
30 Watt
1 x 12" Speaker
60 Watt
1 x 12" Speaker
60 Watt
2 x 12" Speakers
100 Watt Head
Get the ID Cab to go with it

Blackstar Guitarist Gold AwardIf all that isn't convincing enough Guitarist magazine's Blackstar ID Series review.
"The ID:60TVP's wealth of features, astounding tone, quality and price earns it our highest accolade - yes, it's another Gold Award for Blackstar."

So that's some of the best guitar amp simulations from Blackstar without any plugins and Loud As Valve. Of course so much great tone is in the hands of the player and while Blackstar can't play your guitar for you, they can do the next best thing. If you download the Insider software for your ID series amp you can get a selection of ready made tones from famous artists. Blackstar guru Jamie Humphries gets deep into some sound's with the ID:100TVP amplifier.

If the Insider software isn't enough for you to get your teeth into there's a ton of lessons from some amazing guitarists available at Blackstar's new site dedicated to getting the most out of your ID Series amp and guitar playing as a whole!

It all adds to making the Blackstar ID Series unlike any other range of amps, tapping into a whole world of technology, advice, experience and above all true valve tone that is loud and light for gigging and versatile enough for the studio.

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