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FACT: guitars make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Published: Wed May 15, 2013  News Feed
Average man rendered INCREDIBLY ATTRACTIVE by simply holding a guitar

Don't just take our word for it... SCIENTISTS said so.

What's more: musicians are more attractive than jocks!

Learning to play guitar is a time-honoured way for bewildered young men to try to meet members of the opposite sex. We've often thought it was just one of those clueless follies of youth, but it turns out they must've been onto something all along - a study by French psychologists has just proved they weren't so clueless after all.

Researchers got a 20 year old man to introduce himself to 300 young women - 100 while carrying a guitar case, 100 while carrying a sports bag, and 100 empty handed. He asked each of them for their phone number and was successful 31 times when he was holding the guitar, 14 times while empty handed and 9 times when he was holding the gym bag. So it's a completely fair and logical jump to say: musicians are over three times as attractive as gym-bunnies.

These results are further backed up by another study done by Israeli researchers, where they sent 50 Facebook friend requests to women from an account with a guitar-playing gentleman as the profile picture, and 50 with the same gentlemen simply trying to look attractive while guitar-less. Again, there was an almost three times better acceptance rate for our guitar-playing friend.

But if you're one of those sceptics who doesn't believe cold, hard science unless they see it with their own eyes, we present this picture of Gary Moore as final, consclusive proof of the sheer oozing sexual potency bought to you by wielding an axe.

Gibson Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy/Skid Row) Signature Tribute Les Paul

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