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In Depth Look At The Bass Station II

Published: Fri May 03, 2013  News Feed

In Depth Look At The Bass Station II

By Hugh McKenna

Novation Bass Station II

We've been going synth crazy of late and why wouldn't you, especially when so many pioneers are getting back in the game in a big way. Novation are one such company, bringing back the Bass Station, an analogue classic from the 90's.

We've seen a bit of what the new Bass Station II can do at MusikMesse but Sonicstate have gone even deeper, speaking to Nick Bookman from Novation and testing the synth in a more controlled environment.

A seriously comprehensive overview of the BSII and actually serves as a nice primer to some of the basics of analogue synthesis. Very handy, whether you're a beginner who just wants to hear a bit of raw sawtooth or a pro who wants to hear more about the Diode Ladder Filter and what kind of oscillator sync is available.

Indeed looking at and listening to the extensive features on the BSII we can see it's not merely a great synth for epic bass lines. The oscillators cover a range from bass, through leads and up to high pitch FX and the Filter Mod function can deliver complex FM tones. Of course if things need to get down and dirty then a Sub Oscillator, Acid Filter, Step Sequencer and Distortion mean you can cover everything including sequenced 303 burbling, deep clean sub and modern dubby distorted "trouser flapping" sounds.

Not really a fair comparison but just to show how many great features you're getting on the Bass Station II we've compared it to the original Bass Station.

Bass Station vs Bass Station II
Bass Station
Novation Bass Station
Oscillators Two - Pulse & Sawtooth Waveforms 2 Osc - Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square (with pulse control)1 Sub Osc - Sine, Square, Narrow Pulse
Noise Generator - White Noise
Filter 12dB Low Pass; 2 or 4 pole switchable Two Filters - Cutoff, Resonance, Overdrive
Classic Filter - Selectable Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, 12dB & 24dB slopes
Acid Filter - For classic 303 sounds
LFO One - Random, Triangle & Sawtooth Waveforms Two - Triangle, Saw, Square, S&H
Slew Control - 'Smooths' out the LFO waveform
Key Sync Control
Envelopes Two ADSR - Amp & Mod; 3 x Trigger Modes Two ADSR - Amp, Mod, Combined Control; 3 x Trigger Modes
Mixer Volume Level Control - Osc 1, Osc 2, Sub Osc, Noise, Ring Mod, External Signal
Effects None Distortion, Filter Mod
I/O MIDI MIDI In/Out/USB, Mono Out, Headphone Out, External In, Sustain Pedal
Patch Memory 7 Patches 64 Factory, 64 User Writable
Price Under £500 in 1993 (closer to £1000 in todays money) £399.99
Sequencing/Arpeggiator None Arpeggiator
  • 32 Patterns
  • 1-4 Octave Range
  • Swing
  • Directions: Up, Down, Up/Down1, Up/Down2, As Played, Random
Step Sequencer
  • Up to four sequences
  • Assign one of 32 preset rhythms or create your own
  • insert rests or legato (slide)
  • Sequencer re-trigger function
Other Features - Aftertouch control of Filter Frequency, LFO1 to Osc Pitch, Osc 2 Speed
Two Oscillator Sync Modes
Oscillator Detune Function
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