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Peavey Vypyr VIP - Creative Tone Station

Published: Thu April 25, 2013  News Feed

Peavey Vypyr VIP - Creative Tone Station

Peavey Viper VIP Ranger

Plug in with your electric guitar, acoustic or bass and get access to dozens of amps & effects. You can even turn your electric into a 12-String acoustic or get Sitar, Synth and Violin tones.

Jack In With Electric, Acoustic And Bass

The Vypyr VIP series is a complete creative tone station for guitarists of all stripes, whether you're Electric, Acoustic or play Bass. The input has a preset for each instrument to ensure all the gain staging and settings are correct for your instrument.

Instrument Modelling & Stompbox Effects

Next up is the Instrument/Stompbox section where you can really get wild with instrument emulation, Octavers & unique Slicer and FX based around classic Fuzz, Phasers & Ringmod.

Amp Modelling

Once you've sculpted with any creative tools you fancy then get amp tone you're after with the Amp Section.

Amp models include:

  • British - The classic sound of Queen and so many British bands from the 60’s through today. The tone stack on Brian May’s amplifier was shorted, so on this model the tone controls have limited response.
  • Classic: The Peavey Classic 50 is one of the most successful amps of all time. With its responsive gain structure and warm/punchy tone. Classic Series guitar amps are revered by gritty blues benders, chicken pickin’ country cats and nouveau-Stones rockers alike.
  • 6505+: Named in celebration of Peavey’s first 40 years, the 6505 Series is also the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the immensely popular amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen.
  • Trace Bass: Trace Elliot revolutionized bass amplification in the 1980’s with a line of full-range amps and enclosures. Give the Trace Elliot signature tone a try and you’ll see why over the years countless artists have relied on Trace Elliot.

Effects Processing

VIP 2 & 3 also have a range of studio style rack effects for even further tonal options. Get a psychedelic 60's reverse fuzz guitar, big flanging clean acoustic or huge low end with an octaver on bass.

Completing The Picture

On top of all the above you get a built in tuner, USB output for direct recording on your computer and Auxiliary input for playing along.

Add in the optional Sanpera Footswitch and you get a Looper built-in as well.

Sanpera Footswitch

Perfect Partners
Vypyr VIP 1
20 Watt

The Peavey Vypyr VIP1 is a ideal for playing at home or travelling to jam with friends. No need to cart a pedal board and dedicated tuner.
Peavey Vypyr VIP 2
40 Watt

If you need a little more oomph the Vypyr VIP2 is ideal. The VIP2 has more instruments and the dedicated effects section after the amp modelling. While the VIP1 has the single Stompbox/Instrument section before the amps. Add in the optional Sanpera foot pedal and you can have 5 separate FX and looper too.
Peavey Vypyr VIP 3
100 Watt

Dont haul a load of heavy gear to the gig. With 100 Watts of the Vypyr VIP3 gives you the volume you need to be heard on stage. The power soak control means you can still get great cranked sounds at lower volumes too.

Summary Of Amps/Effects In Each Vypyr VIP

Instruments VIP1 VIP2 VIP3
Acoustic1 X X X
Acoustic2   X X
12string   X X
7string   X X
Resonator   X X
Sitar   X X
Synth   X X
Bari   X X
Bass X X X
Stompboxes VIP1 VIP2 VIP3
Fuzz   X X
Comp X X X
Slap X    
Wah X X X
Phaser X X X
Flanger X X X
Synth X X X
Slice X X X
EnvFilter X    
Pitchshifter X    
Chorus X X X
Octaver X    
Rotary X    
MOG X    
Tremolo X    
Reverse X    
Uvb X X X
RingMod X X X
Vibrato X    
Boost X X X
Effects VIP1 VIP2 VIP3
Tremolo   X X
Octaver   X X
Phaser   X X
Rot.Spkr   X X
Reverse   X X
PitchShft   X X
mog   X X
Flanger   X X
Compbst   X X
Env.Filter   X X
Chorus   X X

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