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Takamine - Ideal Acoustics For Stage & Studio

Published: Thu April 25, 2013  News Feed

Takamine - Ideal Acoustics For Stage & Studio

Takamine 50th Anniversary

Takamine WorkshopLast year Takamine celebrated their 50th Annivesary, that's quite a heritage with a number of remarkable innovations and guitars that have helped define quality electro acoustic guitars. Starting out in 1962 means two acoustic legends were born that year, with Bob Dylan releasing his debut album as well. While Takamine went electric a little later than Bob, when they did the results were eminently worth it developing their Palathetic pickup in the late seventies. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Takamine, ingeniously designed to minimise string crosstalk and deliver the true sound of the instrument.

Of course no amount of electronic wizardry can make an acoustic sound great on its own. Fortunately Takamine have spent decades perfecting the luthier's craft as well as investing in high end facilities and materials to make sure every guitar is sings on its own. This has lead to the development of a number of unique features, that you can only get with a Takamine.

Unique Takamine Features

Here's a demonstration of the Palathetic Pickup, showing just how much great sound you can get from the pickup alone, even without a mic. Plus an awesome technical display from Takamine artist Jake Allen.

Takamine On-board Unit Preamps
Takamine preamps all use the same docking port so you can fit whichever one suits your sound. Plus a battery box means you don't need to take of the strings for a battery change.
Laser Inlay Work
Takamine Factory
Hand fitted inlays with beautifully detailed patterning.
Double Bridge Saddles
Bridge is split into two sections, one for the 1st & 2nd string and the other for the 3rd to 6th. This improves intonation and tuning.
Asymmetrical Neck Grip
Helps you move around by offering slight relief on one side of the neck.
Two-way Adjustable Truss Rod & Side-beams
Developed with Gotoh, the dual truss rod helps prevent warpage.
Takamine original design endpin
Especially designed by Takamine to prevent loosening and fitted with double grounding for added insurance against problems on stage.

The Pro Series

The culmination of this rich history, innovation, unique features and craftsmanship is the Takamine Pro Series. Covering a wide range of tones, looks and prices they all make for a fine instrument whether you need sweet chiming tone for the studio or clarity, presence and features for stage.

For a breakdown of the Pro Series check out our buyers guide.

Artists Using Takamine

Takamine are perhaps best known for being ideal for the stage, with custom electronics married to quality tone woods and the features above it's clear Takamine is a natural choice for the serious performer. Double bridge, two way truss rod and grounded in two locations Takamine guitars are built to last and remain rock solid. No surprise then that it's been seen in the hands of some of the worlds biggest artists including Bruce Springsteen, Simon Neil from Biffy Clyro, Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains and India Arie.

Takamine Artists

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