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Getting A Screaming Tone With Boss & Gallows

Published: Wed April 24, 2013  News Feed

Win A Signed Boss ST-2 Distortion

Gallows Boss ST-2 Competition

Their eponymous third album was one of our favourites from 2012, blending the mid rangey aggression and super saturated sound of modern hardcore with some classically British, acerbic punk attitude. Their guitarist Laurent Bernard (aka Lags) spoke to Roland recently to explain how he get's his tone using Boss pedals.

Keeping things simple he uses a Boss GE-7 with mids boosted and treble/bass cut for when things really kick off and you need a seriously cutting tone. There's a Boss Delay too as well as pedal board essentials, the Boss TU-2 tuner and a Noise Suppressor.

This combination is ideal for Lags' favoured mid ranged, open but gnarly tone. Combined with a Strat and cranked British style amp you get a phenomenal punk tone with definition and aggression in spades. We can also see a Roland GA-212 being used in the video.

Lags has also signed one of his favourite Boss pedals and it's being given away in a competition that you can enter here!

So that's the ST-2 and GE-7 pedals that can give you spiky punk distotion, open crunch or full on mid range brutality. But the church of tone is a broad one so how might you achieve some other distorted tones with Boss?

Prog Rock Pedals
Boss RE-20
There's none more famous a delay than a Roland 201 Space Echo. So a foot friendly model that is a near perfect sonic recreation should be your first stop.
Boss FZ-5
Another superb COSM recreation, this time of 60's and 70's fuzz pedals. Don't scrimp, turn it up until it gets nice and creamy.
Boss CE-5
Just a touch of stereo chorus can get you the wide expansive sound of later prog.

Mighty Metal Pedals
Boss Metal Core

If you need a crushing metal tone right out the box then the Metal Core ML-2 is for you. A huge range of tonal options exist to get you mid heavy, thrash grind or scooped Nu-Metal.
Boss SD-1
Or course you might already have a huge metal stack that delivers bone crushing gain. In that case a gentle kick from an overdrive help shape your tone before the amp. Zakk Wylde did this for many years, as did Van Halen when playing live.

The SD-1 can focus your mids and just bring things into focus, of course you can also use it to push your lead breaks.

Post Rock FX
Boss Metal Zone
With post rock it's all about the FX and while a driven amp is certainly a good thing you really want a tone warping pedal for this quite-loud transitions. The Metal Zone has oodles of control and can certainly do wall of sound distortion.
Boss Tera Echo
Another key post rock characteristic is atmosphere and the Tera Echo was almost custom made to provide it. Huge, dynamic delays and beds can be created.
Because it aint a post rock album until someones whacked on a little tremolo.

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