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Focusrite On The Road And In The Studio

Published: Tue April 02, 2013  News Feed

Focusrite Sound Cards and Preamps On The Road And In The Studio

Focusrite Audio Interface Promo

Having started out with the ISA (designed by Neve and used in the Forte console at Ocean Way) preamps in the 80's and moving onto the famous Red Range (used in Abbey Road) in the 90's Focusrite have decades of experience making equipment that performs at the highest level. This translates into rock solid performance and stellar sound quality for their current audio interfaces and preamps. What more proof is needed when they're being used on professional sessions for Muse, Bjork and Lianne La Havas.

Lauren Taneil & Her Scarlett 2i2 At Home

You can see Lauren pictured at the top of this article with her Scarlett interface. At the age of 9, Lauren Taneil (aka LT), was introduced to the bass guitar by her father, Michi Robinson, who taught her everything he knew. LT grew up listening to a lot of funk, rhythm & blues and gospel, and consequently credits Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Quincy Jones and Prince as just a few of her key influences. 

As her love and desire for bass grew, her playing matured and she began to get opportunities playing for major artists, including Monica, Keyshia Cole, and Jill Scott. Soon after, she joined Beyoncé's all-female band and was a part of the Live at Roseland concert DVD as well as The Revel Concert. She also played bass for Beyoncé on the Michael Jackson tribute, and you can see her in two of Beyoncé’s music videos "End of Time" and "I Was Here".

At the 2013 Superbowl, Lauren Taneil played live with Beyoncé during the half-time show.

LT uses the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface wherever she goes. "I like the Scarlett 2i2 because it makes recording bass and vocals easy for me when I'm on the road or at home. It's small, compact and fits right into my gig bag. Plus, it's really cute. Especially for girls."

Certainly one of the best looking audio interfaces and easy to use.

Reeps One & Saffire 24 In His Home Studio

Reaps One Focusrite Saffire Interface For Mac

Check out Reeps One (Harry Yeff) and his fierce vocal talents in this video, we can spy the Saffire audio interface along with a pair of Beyerdynamic DT770 used in the session. Live Harry uses an ISA One Preamp for a cutting vocal sound as well as a Novation SL ZeRo SL MkII in combination with Ableton Live. That's a pro controller, awesome Mac soundcard and a preamp that many consider the best for recording professional vocals and it's certainly an affordable combination for a dedicated home recording and production setup.

Kwes Focusrite ISA OneAcclaimed producer Kwes is similarly a big fan of his ISA One.

"My set up with the Focusrite ISA One is basic - I just plug it straight into my interface. I love how it looks and how it's built - I've taken it home with me before to record takes in my bedroom. It sounds lovely - very clean and true. I use it for vocals and instruments, it is gorgeous! I've been using it in conjunction with the Electro-Voice RE20 on an artist recently and she loved the sound we got with it - we were able to really push her vocal through it without running into problems. I also love the stepped gain controls - that's a really nice feature."

Again Kwes is using the transparent mic pre signal path of the ISA for vocals, something it's ideally suited for but can certainly be used in any scenario where an uncoloured and high fidelity source is needed.

Professional And Portable - The Forte Interface Used By 'Red Bull Studios LA', 'Dean St. Studios' & 'Hudson Mohawke'

Focusrite started life specialising in high end studio gear and the Forte audio interface brings that sonic heritage to bear on a sleek, portable and reliable soundcard. Many top producers and artists agree with Hudson Mohawke and Austen Jux-Chandler using them while out and about.

I've got a second laptop that I use for production when I'm travelling to other studios. The Forte is my main interface for that machine — it sounds really good and it's also nice that it works as a transport control in FL Studio.

- Hudson Mohawke

And here's Austen talking about his Forte and a demonstration of him using it on location, check out the stellar sound quality.

The ISA Studio Standard - Used By Adrian Bushby And Damian Taylor On Sessions From Muse, Bjork, The Killers & More

Adrian Bushby

The ISA preamps are true Focusrite originals rich, clear and dynamic sounding with great features that endear them to a range of engineers & producers working on all kinds of music. We've already seen Kwes and Reeps One use them for big sounding solo vocal duties and here's Adrian Bushby on why he loves them on instrumental sources:

"I used the ISA Two for some of the string mics and drum overheads on the Muse sessions, and I have to say I'm very impressed; the sound is really open and clear as I expected. I've also A/B'ed the ISA Two on some mixes I did using some original ISA 110s, and it sounds really really good; I'd even say it sounds better!"

Damian Taylor is similarly impressed with the ISA pres, giving him clarity and superb dynamic range to deal with any range of sources whether it's Bjork's considerable vocal range or searing synths for the Prodigy.

Focusrite Scarlett

Need a little help choosing the right Focusrite for you? Check out our guide to the Scarlett Interfaces
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