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Reason 7 Announced Today

Published: Tue March 12, 2013  News Feed

Reason 7 Announced Today

Reason 7

Reason 7 is a big leap forward with MIDI Out, allowing you to integrate your hardware gear with Reason. There's also automatic beat slicing, coming from the company that brought us Recycle you know that's going to be a great creative & corrective tool. It might be in the mixing section where the biggest overhaul has occurred, the world class console (modeled on an SSL 9000k) is now controllable from the rack, new track grouping and bussing allows you to get a handle on your mix and easily setup parallel compression. On top of that there is a spectrum analyzer and graphic EQ to let you get surgical on the mix buss and the Audiomatic Transformer to inject more mojo and analogue character into your tracks and groups.

From March 1st if you purchase Reason 6.5 (full version or via an upgrade) then you will automatically be upgraded to Reason 7 when it comes out (Q2 2013). If you need a hand choosing the right upgrade then check out our chart here.

Which products upgrade me to Reason 7?
  Reason Upgrade Reason Balance Interface Reason Upgrade For Limited/Adapted/Essentials
Reason 1-5  
Reason Student/Teacher  
Reason 6-6.5    
Balance With Reason Essentials    
Reason Limited/Adapted/Essentials    

New To Reason?

If you're just looking to get started with Reason there are a few options, with Reason Essentials representing great value for a songwriter looking for a simple feature set. Once you've got the hang of Essentials then an upgrade is available to take you to the full Reason experience. Should you need an audio interface for some recording then the Balance interface comes with Reason Essential included, perfect for songwriting guitarists to plug n play with a world of guitar amps courtesy of Line 6 and a range of sampled pianos, strings and drums to fill out your arrangement.

Product Comparison Chart

  Reason Essentials Reason
Subtractor Synthesizer
ID-8 Songwriter's Toolbox  
Malström Graintable Synthesizer  
Thor Polysonic Synthesizer  
Neptune Pitch/Voice Synth  
NN-XT Advanced Sampler
Live Sampling Editor
NN19 Sampler  
Redrum Drum Computer
Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
Kong Drum Designer  
Spider Mergers/Splitters
Matrix Pattern Sequencer
RPG-8 Arpeggiator  
MClass Mastering Suite
Master Bus Compressor
BV512 Vocoder  
Modeled Channel EQ/Dynamics  
RV7000 Advanced Reverb
Scream 4 Distortion
Line 6 Guitar/Bass Amps
CF-101 Chorus/Flanger
DDL-1 Digital Delay
Pulveriser Demolition Unit  
Alligator Triple Filtered Gate  
The Echo  
RV-7 Digital Reverb  
D-11 Foldback Distortion  
ECF-42 Envelope Controlled Filter  
PH-90 Phaser  
UN-16 Unison  
COMP-01 Compressor/Limiter  
PEQ-2 Two Band Parametric EQ  
Equalizer 2-band 4-band
Send Effects 4 8
Insert Effects
Master Compressor
Master Compressor w/ Sidechain Input  
Lo-pass/Hi-pass filter  
ReGroove Mixer
Audio Tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Instrument Tracks Unlimited Unlimited
Audio Clip Transpose  
Blocks Song Arrangement  
Factory Sound Bank 1 GB 1.7 GB
Orkester Sound Bank  
Rack Extensions
ReFills Mostly Supported Fully Supported
Reason Essentials
Reason Adapted  
Reason Limited  
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