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Which Keyboard Case Should I Choose?

Published: Thu February 21, 2013  News Feed

Which Keyboard Case Should I Choose?

Keyboard Case Size Guide
Getting the right size keyboard case can be difficult, make life easier by using our guide to find a case with the right dimensions to fit your favourite keyboard or digital piano.

Choosing the right case for your keyboard

If you just need a simple bag to get your keyboard from home to practice or don't travel with it often then a standard gig bag will do you just fine. We also have Deluxe bags for getting to gigs, with some extra padding protection and pockets so you can take everything you need. If the keys are going to be gigged regularly or you're after the most solid protection possible then a full case is the only option.

Roland Keyboard Cases

Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
Fantom-G8 N/A K18-145XD KTC-145XD
Fantom-G6 K10-115* K18-115* KTC-115
Fantom-G7 K10-128 K18-130 KTC-130
Jupiter-50 K10-128 K18-130 KTC-130
Jupiter-80 K10-130* K18-130* KTC-130*
AX-Synth K10-118 K18-118 KTC-128*
Juno-GI K10-104 K18-104 KTC-107
GAIA SH-01 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
Lucina AX-09 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
Juno-DI K10-104 K18-104 KTC-107
V-Synth GT K10-115* K18-115* KTC-115
VP-770 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
Juno-STAGE K10-128 K18-128 KTC-128
GW-8 K10-115* K18-115* KTC-115*
V-Combo VR-700 K10-128 K18-128 KTC-130
VK-8 K10-118 K18-118 KTC-128*
RD-300NX K10-148 K18-148 KTC-148
RD-700NX K10-148 K18-148 KTC-148
V-Piano N/A K18-145XD KTC-145XD

Casio Keyboard Cases

Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
PX-135 K10-138 K18-138 KTC-137
AT-3 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-100
AT-5 K10-120 K18-120 KTC-130*
XW-G1 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-115*
XW-P1 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-115*

Alesis Keyboard Cases

Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
Micron N/A N/A KTC-100*
Q25 N/A N/A KTC-100*
Q49 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
QX25 N/A N/A KTC-100*
QX49 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*

Yamaha Keyboard Cases

Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
MM6 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
MM8 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
Motif XF6 K10-115* K18-115* KTC-107
Motif XF7 K10-128 K18-128 KTC-128
Motif XF8 N/A K18-145XD KTC-145XD
Mox 6 K10-104 K18-104 KTC-107
Mox 8 K10-115* K18-145XD* KTC-145XD*
CP1 N/A K18-145XD* KTC-145XD*
CP5 N/A K18-145XD* KTC-145XD*
CP50 N/A K18-145XD* KTC-145XD*
CP33 K10-148* K18-138* KTC-148*
CP300 N/A K18-145XD* KTC-145XD*
Tyros 4 Special Edition K10-120* K18-120* KTC-130*
PSR-S650 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-115*
PSR-E233 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
PSR-E333 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
PSR-E423 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-115*
EZ-200 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
PSR-450 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-115*
PSR-A300 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
YPT-210 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
YPT-220 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
NP-V80 K10-128 K18-130 KTC-130
NP-V60 K10-128 K18-128 KTC-128
NP-31 K10-128 K18-128 KTC-128
NP-11 K10-104 K18-104 KTC-107

Korg Keyboard Cases

Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
Pa3X K10-120 K18-120 KTC-130
PA500ort K10-120* K18-120 N/A
Pa2X Pro K10-120 K18-120 KTC-128
PA50 SD K10-115* K18-115 KTC-115
PA500 K10-120* K18-120* N/A
PA800 K10-120* K18-120* KTC-145XD*
PA588 K10-150 K18-150 KTC-150Y
microKORG K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
microKORG XL K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
microX K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
R3 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
RADIAS-R K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
microSampler K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
X50 K10-099 K18-099 KTC-107*
Monotron N/A N/A N/A
PS60 K10-097 K18-097 KTC-100
MP10Pro K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
MonoTribe N/A N/A N/A
M3-61 K10-112 K18-112 KTC-107
M3-73 K10-120 K18-120 KTC-128
M3-88 K10-150 K18-145XD KTC-145XD
Kronos-61 K10-115 K18-115 KTC-115
Kronos-73 K10-128 K18-128 KTC-128
Kronos-88 K10-150 K18-145XD KTC-145XD
MicroArrange K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
MicroPiano K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
SP170 K10-146* K18-146* KTC-148*
SP170s K10-146* K18-146* KTC-148*
SP250 K10-150* K18-150* KTC-150*
SV1-73 K10-118 K18-118 KTC-130
SV1-88 K10-146 K18-146 KTC-148


Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
Electro 3 61 K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
Electro 3 73 K10-115 K18-115 KTC-115
Electro 3 HP K10-115 K18-115 KTC-115
Stage 2 HA88 K10-130 K18-130 KTC-137
Stage 2 HA76 K10-118* K18-118* KTC-128*
Stage 2 SW73 K10-115 K18-115 KTC-115
C2D K10-115* K18-115* KTC-115*
Piano20 K10-130 K18-130 KTC-148*
Wave K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*
C2 Organ K10-115* K18-115* KTC-115*
Lead 2X K10-097* K18-097* KTC-100*


Keyboard Model Bag Deluxe Bag Case
PC3LE6 K10-115* K18-115* KTC115*
SP4-8 K10-148 K18-148  
PC361 K10-104 K18-104 KTC-107

* wide tolerance, may require filling
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