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Great Guitar Effects Pedals Under £90!

Published: Tue January 08, 2013  News Feed

Great Guitar Effects Pedals Under £90

Get your master pedalboard started with some of our best quality, best value guitar pedals.


I think it's fair to say that modern modelling guiitar amps and multi-FX pedals are becoming more and more popular. Equipped with the capabilities of  tools like tuners, and pitch correction, with a selection of well used effects, they're pretty much able to handly the needs of today's guitarists. Nowadays we don't necessarily need to go out of our way to attain a different pedal for every singe effect known to man. However, though these a"all-in-one" products may be a good option for the novice, the weekend Hendrix or those of use who like to keep things compact, they might not win over your gear junkie friend, who wants one thing to do one thing well. These guys... and girls, take pride in their pedalboard s like works of art, like at Jack White's array. Anyway...  A board like that is liklely to take some time to fill up, so why not start yourself off with some of our more pocket-friendly pedals.


Electro-Harmonix USA Big Muff USA Pi Fuzz FX Pedal - £49

Considered one of the best pedals in the world, the Big Muff is an icon among axe men everywhere. The most popular Electro-Harmonix pedal, featuring that old school rock sound that never dies!

The Big Muff USA Pi Fuzz Pedal includes the same great features as the legendary Big Muff Pi of the '70s, including 3 controls that let you dial in the finest harmonic distortion/sustain ever produced. The Volume control adjusts the output level. The Sustain control optimizes the long sustain with just the right amount of harmonic distortion. The Tone control provides a range of sounds, from warm bass to crisp treble.


Boss BC-2 Combo Drive - £89

"The BC-2 pulls off a lovely pastiche of a classic combo."

The Boss BC-2 Combo Drive Pedal succeeds in recreating those sweet tones of the 60's, 70's and 80's combo amps from the VOX AC30 to the Classic High Gain British Stacks and everything in between. Classic British combo amp tone in a convenient stompbox!

Its tube driven sounding overtones go from crystal clear to silky distortion when cranked up. Easy to use and compact this would be a welcome addition to your pedal board. With a single knob, you can instantly control a variety of sound-character parameters, and quickly tap into a full spectrum of tone. Achieve the perfect vintage sound or dial into higher gain or cleaner tone across a wider frequency range than the classic amp could provide alone.


Chord CM-50 Compressor Guitar Pedal - £59

Fact is, a compressor pedal will allow you to get more out of your amp and FX. Turn up sustain to achieve super long held notes or compress heavily to make your finger picking come across more clear and even. The Chord CM-50 is popular for its ability to bring out the “sparkle from a clean input, and the fact that it nicely accentuates harmonics is definitely a plus for us.

Well built for gigging, and easily one of the most affordable compressor FX on the market... you've gotta give it a try. Some of the CM-50s key features include pure analogue circuitry, level, Comp and Sustain controls, its heavy duty pedal design, and even better, it can be mains or battery powered.


VOX V847 Reissue Wah-Wah Pedal - £69

this new V847 is a new, enhanced version of one of the most famous guitar FX pedals of all time. Based on the same specs that made the original so popular, the V847 offers guitarists the same legendary tone. Having made spotlight appearances on some of the most famous recordings of all time, the Wah-Wah is still considered “must-have equipment” for guitar players of all levels and abilities today.



Behringer Super Flanger SF400 - £25

The Super Flanger SF400 stomp box gives you the entire history of popular flanging effects at the touch of a footswitch, From vintage to modern, from subtle to severe. The SF400's Real Sound Modelling (RSM) technology delivers clarity and natural tonality for a flanging capability that is nothing short of spectacular.

Some key features of the SF400 include a rage of  great flangers,from classic analog to super-thick and swirling flanging sounds plus a new Gate/Pan mode and dedicated Mode, Rate, Depth, Manual and Resonance controls make for awesome sound shaping.


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... And if you like it compact ...

Check out the Boss RC-30 Loop Station Pedal with FREE 6M Guitar Lead and The Zoom B9.1UT Bass Multi Effects Console


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