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Our Effects Pedals Of 2012

Published: Tue November 13, 2012  News Feed
Our Guitar Pedals Of 2012

At Dolphin we love everything stompable that can enhance, mangle or otherwise make your tone stand out. There is a huge range these days, from classic analogue distortions through full featured Multi-FX all the way to unique digital effects which change the way you see the guitar. To help you find your own sound we've compiled this guide of the some of the best guitar pedals on the market.

New In 2012

Covering the complete world of guitar effects is Chord with their great value pedals. All with compact and heavy duty metal enclosures these are perfect for the stage or studio. Whether it's heavy distortion, deep modulation or a simple tuner you need Chord have you covered.

Best Distortion Guitar Effects

British Blues Breakup

Always at the cutting edge of effects Boss introduced the Boss BC-2 Combo Drive which gives you the sound of so many renonwned British amps from crunchy "AC-inspired" combos all the way up to 11 with the big British full-stack sound. True classic distortion so often comes from the sound of amp breakup and it's this that the BC-2 does such a good job of emulating, retaining dynamics and without totally masking the true tone of your guitar.

If only real valves will do then check out the Blackstar HT-DistX, coming from the British Midlands, home of heavy metal, this is a no compromise distortion. Capable of crossing the Atlantic and doing great US tone as well as British, this really can be a one-stop shop for all your distorting.

American Creamy Tone

It's hard to get away from the Big Muff for supreme US style distortion and fuzz. When bands such as the White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins and Santana have used a pedal extensively you know it is simply one of the best guitar effects pedals of all time.

Best Delay/Reverb/Looper FX Pedals

Full range

For all matters spaced out and repeating there is Digitech who have things covered for every budget and style. The Timebender TB2 is their flagship delay, emulating analog and tape as well as inventing whole new categories and providing a 20 second looper. The popular Hardwire series gives the same quality with a smaller footprint and are used by Skunk Anansie guitarist Ace as for his touring rig...

"Do you use any other pedals from the Hardwire range?
'I use all of them! My live setup is all Hardwire pedals and a Whammy. I've used DigiTech effects for years...'"
"In the studio I used the DigiTech Hardwire [DL-8]... the DigiTech Hardwire. A really clear, clean delay."
-Music Radar Interview

Looping around

A legend in the world of effects processing, TC electronic released a brand new all-in-one delay unit with the Flashback X4. Delivers Tape, Tube, Space, Analog, Analog with Mod, Reverse, Dynamic, 2290, 2290 with Mod Slap, LOFI and Ping Pong models as well as using Toneprint technology to import signature sounds from your favourite artist.

Best Wah wah pedal

Vox have been a hot ticket for Wah pedals since the 60's and with the V Series delivering quality at different price points. The V845 and V847 are designed to the original unit spec and so deliver the vintage tone you expect from Vox, the V846 is something a little special with vintage spec components and hand wiring it gives you a perfect retro recreation without the inflated price. The Vox Big Bad Wah is a little different and delivers a big wah sound and a range of modern features.

The Big Bad Wah was part of a collaboration between Vox and Joe Satriani, with overdrive, screaming distortion and delay you can get a huge tone that Satch would approve of.

Now for something completely different...

Matt Bellamy, Jimmy Page and Frank Zappa didn't become legends in the guitar world by being conservative or doing things by half. Sometimes it's good to go off piste and seek out a totally new sound.

-Always fancied playing synth but not a keyboard, then try the Digitech XSW. One of the best value synth pedals on the market.

-Take your tone into the next dimension with Morpheus pedals. Transparent transposing, drop tuning and and some dive bombing that would make Tom Morello proud.

-Blend together your voice and guitar with the Elecro Harmonix V256 Vocoder. With up to 256 band vocoding, gender bender feature and transposition you can radically alter your voice and have it interact with your guitar playing. Be a one person Kraftwerk!

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