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Propellerhead Reason Rack Extensions Rundown

Published: Wed August 29, 2012  News Feed

Reason Rack Extensions Rundown


Rack Extensions... they’re pretty self explanatory in that they expand Reason and let you add whatever instruments or effects your music needs.

Try it, buy it, and download it straight into your rack.


“Rack Extensions combines all the things that musicians love about Reason with the creativity and inspiration that comes from having tons of instruments and effects at your fingertips. And it manages to do all that without any of the drawbacks of old plug-in technology. It really is the best of both worlds.” - Ernst Nathorst-Böös, Propellerhead CEO.



Propellerhead Radical Piano Not a replacement for a very high quality piano ReFill but an unusual and versatile instrument in its own right.
Audio Realism ABL2 Roland TB303 clone.


Dynamics & EQ

iZotope Ozone Maximiser Limiter and very high-quality dither components from iZotope's Ozone plug-in.
AudioDamage RoughRider Strongly-flavoured, thick-sounding compressor.
Softube FET Compressor 1176 compressor clone but with continuously variable ratio rather than buttons.
Softube trident A-Range Emulation of a fine-sounding four-band EQ from Trident mixing desks.


Filters and Tone Effects

Softube Saturation Knob Handy 'fattener' with interesting options to preserve integrity of high or low frequency ranges.
FXPansion Etch Red Sophisticated filter bank with extensive modulation and rhythmic options.
Sonic Charge Bitspeek Bizarre and wonderful pitch-tracking lo-fi vocal effect - an enhanced port of an existing plug-in.
Synapse RM1 Ring Modulator A pretty simple ring modulator, but with the effect calculated, apparently, using analogue emulation.
Sugar Bytes SB Filter Pattern Rhythmic filtering with 25 preset patterns for funky effects with the minimum of fuss.
Synapse AF4 Analog Filter 12/24dB low-pass resonant filter, emulating a Moog transistor-ladder design.


Reverbs and Delay-Based Effects

Propellerhead Polar Complex harmoniser effect whose applications include thickening, stereo widening and many creative effects.
Synapse DC2 Dual Chorus A very simple and easy to use stereo chorus.
Sugar Bytes SB Pitch Delay A modulated delay that can introduce pitch fluctuations and has some interesting rhythmic options.
Softube TSAR1 Reverb Versatile reverb with intuitive, highly tweakable controls reminiscent of high-end Lexicon hardware units of the past.
Softube TSAR1R Reverb The same algorhythm as the TSAR1 but with only a few parameters to play with.


Time-Based Effects

PEFF Buffre Glitch, shutter and looping - an effect you 'play'.
Sugar BytesSB Slice Arranger Preset-based slicing and shutter effects - good value.



Propellerhead Pulsar To put it simply - Two LFOs and a simple envelope generator in a box. Details here.

 Source: Sound on Sound Aug 2012


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