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Avoiding fake or counterfeit Shure microphones

Published: Wed July 18, 2012  News Feed

Quality cannot be copied.

Watch out for eBay and unauthorised websites

Dolphin Music and its sister company PMT are authorised Shure retailers, and we only sell authentic Shure products. But when you buy from dealers not listed on Shure's website, or eBay resellers, you run the risk of getting a counterfeit product, as shown on BBC TV's Fake Britain.

These fakes don't live up to the high standards you expect from the makers of the world's most popular vocal microphone, and won't be covered by any of the warranties you get when you buy from an official dealer.

Price too good to be true? It might be fake...

Real or fake - can you tell?

"Customers should be highly suspicious of any ‘factory direct’ deals and [unusually] low prices. Whether these offers are found at retail outlets or online, our customers need to know that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is" - Sandy LaMantia, Shure’s President and CEO

Shure's worked with global enforcement authorities to seize fakes SM58s and other items at home and abroad in recent years, but unfortunately some still get sold to unsuspecting UK consumers via websites which invite them to "Trade with Chinese Suppliers", "Buy Wholesale from China" or "Deal Direct with the Factory" by way of explaining their unusually low prices.

To make detection of their fake products more difficult, counterfeit sellers will often post photo shots of genuine Shure products, so the only real way to make sure it's Shure when you're buying online is by checking the list of authorised re-sellers on Shure's website.

And while Amazon itself is an authorised Shure dealer, many people who sell items like Shure earphones via the site are not.

How to Spot a Fake SM58 And Other Chinese Shure Counterfeits

If you're not buying online and you get chance to have a look at an alleged Shure product up close before buying, the above video gives some good tips on how to make sure you're buying an authentic product, including:

  • Fakes don't have the reassuring weight of real Shure mics - some counterfeiters will even glue weights on the inside of a fake mic.
  • Unscrew the bottom half of the mic - Shure always colour-code the connectors in green and yellow. You'd be surprised how many counterfeiters miss this simple detail.
  • The XLR pins on the bottom should be labelled 1, 2 or 3, AND Shure's logo should be embossed there. Look for both signs.

And although many counterfeiters go to huge lengths to re-create authentic-looking Shure packaging - complete with carry pouches and manuals - as soon as you plug in a fake you'll be disappointed with a crackly, hollow sound that's distinctly non-Shure.

But again, the only way to be 100% certain is to only buy from dealers listed by Shure and check out the further info on their anti-counterfeiting initiatives.

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