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What the Folk? Be Smart about your Music Making!

Published: Fri May 04, 2012  News Feed

Folk Instruments at Dolphin Music


What The Folk?

It’s on the come-up, that’s what the Folk is up! Everyone is talking about Folk instruments, and if they’re not talking about them they’re playing them. If you’re like a lot of other musicians out there just trying to discover your own unique sound, then maybe you need to take a step back too. Step back into the world of traditional instruments and find the one that will give you the missing piece of your sonic puzzle.

It doesn’t matter what plug-ins, effects or samples you slap on a track, or how long and hard you work trying to make that MIDI banjo sound authentic… you know that there’s nothing like the real thing. Yes, technology is all well and good, recording, mixing and all that jazz is all fine, but what a lot of new artists struggle with is translating their recorded music onto the stage.

Foster the People are one band who have worked extremely hard to make their music sound great both on stage and off. This is a very often overlooked aspect of composition. We’re pretty sure that most of you will agree with us on this one, but where music really comes alive is on stage, live. Authenticity and true instrumental performances are just priceless, that’s what makes concerts so special.


Where were we… er yeah… now Folk instruments are on the rise yet again with artists like Noah and the Whale, Train, and Jack Johnson all Folking up. Bringing something unique and interesting to contemporary music, banjos, ukuleles, mandolins, folk guitars and even harmonicas have got a lot to offer in today’s industry, and you musicians out there shouldn’t be missing out.

Percussion, percussion, percussion! A cajon, bongo or djembe will transform your sound in an instant, AND they’re so much easier to take around than a full drum kit, and you’ll need that mobility factor with all of the gigs that you’ll be booking if you go Folk… wink, wink!

See more about the Djembe and Cajon.


G  E  T     Y  O  U  R     F  O  L  K     O  N  !







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