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The all new Roland TD-11 & TD-15 V-Drum Kits

Published: Wed March 21, 2012  News Feed

All new Roland TD-11 & TD-15 V-Series Drum Kits A Musikmesse 2012

Roland renowned the world over for its pioneering development of electronic drums has chosen to release four new awesome V-Series V-Kits at Musikmesse 2012. Now these are not going to be any ordinary V Series Electronic Drum Kits, they will carry the much acclaimed SuperNATURAL Sound Engine. The models names and numbers won’t mean anything to the end user but when you drill down into the detail of the kits you will see the amazing differences that lie within.

Roland TD11K V-Drum V-Compact Series (See Picture)

This entry level V-Kit now comes with the V-Compact moniker and carries the new TD-11 Sound Module which has been enhanced with the aforementioned SuperNATURAL Sound Engine. It has new backing songs to play along with and a built in USB function for easy transfer of files. COACH function helps the user build up their drumming skills making this ideal for a learning environment. This particular model contains the PDX-8 Mesh-Head Snare which offers Roland’s dual trigger technology which gives the user a more even accurate sensing for picking up the differences from rim to head. The PD-8A Toms offer accurate triggering so you will never miss a beat no matter how hard or soft you hit. The CY-5 Cymbals offer a huge 10” playing zone with separate bow and edge triggering. The FD-8 Hi Hat controller gives the drummer a realistic feel hi hat with amazingly smooth transitions from open to closed. The KD-9 Kick Drum pad feels dynamic and great under foot giving the user ultimate control of their playing. You can even use a double bass pedal as it will accommodate this aspect. The compact feel to this kit just gets better and better as you do not need any bulky stands for snares or hi hats. It is exactly what Roland say, COMPACT.

Roland TD11KV V-Drum V-Compact Series (See Picture)

The next step up from the TD-11K is the TD-11KV. This compact electronic drum kit carries all the same features as its baby brother, including the hub that is the TD11 Drum Module with SuperNATURAL technology. The upgrade here comes in the form of the Toms and the Cymbals. Roland have given this kit 6.5” PDX-6 Mesh Head Tom Pads which like its 8” Snare counterpart, gives the user the accurate dual triggering technology and even sensing from head to rim. Again a further upgrade is in the cymbals department. The CY-12C gives the crash natural swinging motion and choke control. The CY-13R Ride Cymbal gives the user an enlarged bow area, realistic playing field and accurate control over edge, bow and bell triggers.

Roland TD15K V-Drums V-Tour Series (See Picture)

The next step up again in the new V-Drum Kits is the TD-15K. This self proclaimed mid range kit bridges the first gap between the high end TD-30 and the models mentioned earlier. It has the acclaimed SuperNATURAL sounds and Behaviour Modelling of the TD-30 Sound Module but within the confines of its own TD15 Sound Module, giving the end user that “Flagship” experience.

Containing 100 kits (50 Preset, 50 User) and an expressive sound library which cover a huge number of genres, the TD-15 Sound Module gives something for everyone when it comes to playing, practice and more importantly price. The TD15K has all the same pads and drum parts as the TD-11KV so if you need a refresher please see earlier on in this article. The key to the upgrade on this kit applies to its TD-15 Sound Module and its amazing SuperNATURAL Sounds and Behaviour Modelling Technology. Beyond the physical modelling of instruments, Roland goes a step further by modelling the instrument’s distinctive behavior and how it responds to the performer, resulting in natural, expressive sounds that evolve organically in real-time. The TD-15 Sound Module can be connected to your computer via a single USB cable and this will transmit audio and MIDI data which makes it great for interacting with your favourite DAW and opening up the possibilities of triggering different sounds. The TD-15 is also compatible with the all new Air Recorder and V-Drums Friend Jam for the iPhone using the new WNA1100-RL Wireless USB adaptor which is also being released today (Sold Separately)

Roland TD15KV V-Drums V-Tour (See Picture)

This TD-15KV again contains all the attributes and features of the TD15K but with much upgraded drum parts. The Snare and 3rd Tom are rocking the 10” Mesh Head V-Pad with advanced dual-trigger sensors, a metal rim, and a head that is tensionable and has a compact casing. The PD-85BK 8" Dual-Zone V-Pad for the rack Tom features Roland's acclaimed dual-triggering technology. This again results in a more consistent and accurate sensing functionality between the head and rim. Used in conjunction with the TD-15 sound module, the pad lets you play rim shots, and the sound will change naturally depending on how you attack these. The Hi Hat has had an upgrade here too in the VH-11. This easy to set up version just sits atop a hi-hat stand (not included) and gives you the feel of a traditional two-piece hi-hat. We are sure here at Dolphin Music that these V-Kits will be a huge success for Roland as they continue to lead the way and are consistently re-inventing themselves in this area.

To find out more about these kits check out Roland’s Main Website. You can pre order with us by clicking on the images above.
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