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StageSource L3t PA System from Line 6 - Stage your Revolution: NAMM 2012

Published: Fri January 20, 2012  News Feed

~ Technology That Inspires Performance ~

The Line 6 StageSource L3t PA Loudspeaker System

Brand New for 2012

StageSource L3t System - Coming Soon

Line 6 StageSource L3t PA Loudspeaker System

For many of us, PA speakers may be just something that you ‘have to’ make use of, just a vessel that’s necessary to perform with. We spend so much time composing, recording and mixing our music, but what use is this if the live performance sound isn’t up to scratch. We leave things to chance during performances, and that’s a very dangerous game to be playing. Your performance quality is just as, if not even more important than your recordings.

Performers are presenting an experience for their audiences to remember. Who wants to be remembered as the vocalist or band that sounded tinny or muddy - or if we’re going to be really meticulous - had absolutely no frequency differentiation? It is critical to sound at your best when you’re performing live.

People spend so much time soley preparing their equipment, but merely “getting a sound out” is not the most important element of setting up; some of us end up putting less time and effort into the actual sound quality. Whether you like it or not, a good PA system is essential for performace.

Stage Your Revolution

The Line 6 StageSource L3t PA Loudspeaker is “designed to be a lifesaver for the performing musician”, by providing an integrated professional live sound solution for the most common applications. The StageSource L3t speakers were designed to be a faster, smarter way of getting a great live sound without compromising the “creative zone”. With the StageSource system you can put your best assets forward, performing at your best and 'sounding' at your best, every time. Whether you play small and simple acoustic shows or perform with a full-on, electric guitar, distortion and overdrive-driven band, with the L3t, performing live will never be the same again, literally.

Special Features

The StageSource L3t loudspeakers use powerful DSP-based smart speaker modes to optimize the electroacoustic performance for various applications. From front-of-house PA to instrument backline, the system enables the fine adjustment of crossover points, component levels and dynamic control, providing everything you need for an incredible show. The clever speaker mode function includes every applications setting a musician could need from floor monitoring and reference/PA to both electric and acoustic guitar settings.

The L3t’s are intended to be the most versatile speakers for musical performance, cue the various music application modes that we can all appreciate. The L3t system features an onboard accelerometer and pole mount sensors, detecting the orientation of the speakers and automatically setting the speaker mode, saving you your precious time.

In live sound situations where two or more speakers are needed, the L3t’s use a proprietary digital networking protocol called L6 LINK, to simplify their set up. When connecting multiple StageSource loudspeakers via L6 LINK, the system automatically assigns channels for you - Kind of like having pets that feed and clean themselves while bringing you endless bundles of unconditional fun, love and happiness… minimal effort of your part… but we’re still talking about loudspeakers here, not puppies, and the L3t’s are anything but cute. Anyway, when you connect two L3t or L3m speakers together, they automatically configure as left and right, saving you yet again more of your precious time.
Still not convinced? Well maybe this next feature will win your interest…

The L3t is ready for anything you throw at it, with a full-featured onboard mixer including multiple inputs for microphones, instruments, external mixers and MP3 players, not to mention the 3-band EQ, acoustic guitar modeling and Smart Reverb and Mod effects, the L3t’s deliver all of the tools you need for your best performances yet… top the last every time.

Stage your revolution with the Line 6 StageSource L3t loudspeaker system.

For more details on the StageSource L3t you can check out a full description here, or pre-order yours now by visiting the Line 6 StageSource L3t PA System Dolphin product page.

Take a look at the Line 6 StageSource L3s Subwoofer and StageScape M20d Mixer, equipped with everything you need to take advantage of Line 6's new incredible technology.

For more line 6 products to make you dizzy, take a trip over to our Line 6 Brand Page.

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