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Great new price point for Powercore Compact!!

Published: Tue January 31, 2006  News Feed

Hot news just in from TC Electronic.... Due to the success of the baby in the Powercore family, the Powercore Firewire Compact, TC Electronic have announced a new price of £482.00 inc VAT, which should bring the unit within reach of even more power-hungry users!!

At this price, the Compact is well worth £399.00 for the included plugins alone! Check out the included plugins below and I'm sure you will agree with us.............

Included Plug-ins  
PowerCore Compact delivers an array of powerful tools right out of the box; the twelve virtual processors included feature the most complete collection of dynamics processing available.   


Convincing vintage compression and limiting using one of the most desired vintage models for PowerCore. 


Character™ represents a new approach to getting great sound virtually instantly. The audio processing employs both the frequency response and the dynamic properties of the input source in a highly time-varying sense. 


Modulation Multi-FX that recreates the 1210 Spatial Expander with its unique modulation images like Chorus, Flanging and Slap Delay with very flexible routing and filtering facilities.    


Classic Verb adds warm, lush reverb effects often associated with big expensive hardware processors.  


EQSat Custom is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application including mastering.  

With its dual filters and extensive modulation capabilities, Filtroid brings the sound of analog filter banks to PowerCore.  

Virtual Finalizer Knock out Punch for any mixes or masters. Period. MasterX3 is the virtual incarnation of the TC Electronic Finalizer, the standard mastering processor in the pro audio field.


Hi-end Reverb based on years of ongoing research and the core technology of the TC Electronic M5000 hi-end studio processor. 

PowerCore 01

This mono-synth will deliver results similar to the famous SH-101, with some added features like velocity and drive. 

The new Tubifex guitar amp simulator brings the total number of virtual processors included with PowerCore to 10. It includes three tube stages and a speaker simulator for truly convincing amp modeling. 
Vintage CL

Vintage Compressor*Limiter delivers Hi-quality compression and limiting on each channel - up to 28 Vintage CLs can be run on one PowerCore card.


This complete voice processing channel includes all tools required for vocal sound adjustment: Compression, De-Essing, a dedicated Voice EQ, Lo Cut Filter and Gate. 

For more info on the Powercore range, follow the link below -


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