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Published: Fri December 16, 2011  News Feed

Korg, Vox & Samson Deals

Korg M50-88 Workstation & Monotron Synthesizer

This Korg M50 is an 88 key synth "inspiration station" that uses the same EDS (enhanced definition synthesis) engine as the higher-end M3 model. The M50 contains 608 programs, 385 combinations, 671 drum track patterns, polyphonic arpeggiator and TouchView graphical user interface, just no name a few of its impressive features.

The workstation itself is a sequencing powerhouse, enabling individual track looping. The RppR (realtime pattern play/recording) function makes it passible to assign phrases (patterns) to the keyboard, and trigger them in realtime by simply playing a single note of the keyboard. This however does not need to inhibit your playing, because you can stil perform on other regions of the keyboard whilst your triggered patterns play back.

Better still, the M50 isn’t just good for synthy production and recording, the keyboard features top of the line real-weighted hammer action keys, so you get the best of both worlds… all of the tools you need for an incredible synth, arranger workstation and a realistic piano playing experience.

“Korg has raised the standard against which all affordable workstations will be judged. Any thrifty musician going workstation shopping should ignore the M50 at their peril” - Sound on Sound

The Monotribe synthesizer packs an amazing array of features and technology into its sleek, compact and portable body. Sharing the same DNA as the Monotron means that the Monotribe includes some of the same features that made the Monotron so popular amongst composers and performers but also delves deeper in the rich, organic world of analog synthesis.

With 3-part analog drum and rhythm section and active step and flux features for real-time dynamic loop manipulation, alongside an M50, this groove machine will help you to deliver your creative ideas with style and personality.

Vox AC30VR & Wah Wah Pedal

Now every guitarist knows of an amplifier, popular with the likes of The Beatles, Queen and Foo Fighters, an amp that is absolutely legen... dary!

The Vox AC30 is a celebrity, but unfortunately old models of this iconic amp are also quite prone to blowing up, and although they can be louder than a jumbo jet taking off, they're also heavier than a fridge and will drink your bank balance bone dry.

So... now, for the first time in the company’s history, Vox created a hybrid amp capable of switching between the legendary VOX tones that are known and loved, and higher gain modern tones. Tha amp is powered by Valve Reactor real tube technology and this gem comes in at a price that will pleasantly surprise you!

The VR (valve reactor) was originally designed for the critically acclaimed Valvetronix modelling amplifiers with a circuit that places a 12AX7 vacuum tube/valve into the power stage. Also known as a dual-triode tube, the 12AX7 is actually two tubes in one. The Vox engineers configured this tube to act as a small power amplifier with a circuit that provides all of the tonality and feel of an all tube amp.

Too small to be used as an amplifier on its own, the output of this Valve Reactor circuit is fed to a high-quality solid state power amp that adds no tone coloration to the signal. This power amplifier also has some special circuits that feed the changing loudspeaker impedance information back to the Valve Reactor. This last interaction of tube, amp, and speaker provides the lively sound and feel that defines an all tube amplifier.

Tube and solid-state, vintage and modern, clean and dirty – the new VR Series has it all. The AC30VR amp offer great tone, versatility, and stylish VOX looks, in two popular combo configurations ready to take you from the bedroom to any stage anywhere.

The Vox 845 Wah-Wah pedal is a new version of one of the most famous guitar effects pedals of al time. Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the '60s, the V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy and robust design.

Samson Auro D412, Stands and Mic Kit

The Samson Auro D412 is designed to encompass the key elements of power and portability. This 2-way active loudspeaker combines superior components and meticulous engineering. The Auro D412 delivers 400W of power, featuring a 12” extended low-frequency driver and a 1.34” compression driver.

The Audo D412’s best feature is its light weight and resilient design. Providing two oversized ergonomic carry handles, the unit is easy to transport, while the solid polypropylene construction ensures roadworthy durability. Auro D412 is ideal for sound professionals and performers seeking to bridge the gap between portable and fixed installation applications.
Coming together with a free pair of Samson LS2 speaker stands and the VP1 microphone kit, the AuroD412 bundle had everything you need to be noticed.

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