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New Wham: The Digitech Whammy DT - What Do you Think?

Published: Fri December 02, 2011  News Feed

The Digitech Whammy, nearly 20 years old has been resurrected a number of times over the years, and the latest model, the Whammy DT seems to have had some interestingly mixed reviews. Tried and reviewed by guitarists and also from names like Premier Guitar who seem to have a very positive opinion at the Whammy DT.


A Favourite gets an Upgrade

The Digitech Whammy pedal, next to the Digitech Whammy pedal, next to the Big Muff of course, has to be one of the most iconic effects pedals ever made. Famous for its bold red simplistic design and the amazing Whammy it produces, this pedal rivals many FX pedals currently available. The latest addition to the Whammy family is the Whammy DT. Whilst sticking with some of the original Whammy’s features, such as harmony and detune, the pedal offers amazing drop tuning and true bypass capabilities.

The Whammy DT allows guitarists to modify their tuning, there’ll be no more changing guitars, no more awkward breaks mid-performance while you make tuning adjustments, you won’t have to break the connection between you and your audience and ruin the vibe you've built up. With the DT key changes are a piece of cake! The Whammy has been the core pitch shifting effects pedal for famous artists for over 20 years, and it now features full drop and raised tuning in addition to classic whammy shifting. You’re now able to transpose either 7 semitones up or down and even shift a whole octave when you’re feeling really dangerous.

The new DT model features some seriously “mind-bending” capabilities that you may not even expect from a Whammy. It can create instant “hammer-on” and “pull-off” effects during your performances with the momentary footswitch and the various effects can be selected through various selector knobs and dual set of LED indicators. The DT is built to handle the demands of live performance, it features a similar all-metal, rugged and robust chassis to its predecessors.

Drop tuning, capo tuning, true bypass, all make the DT extra special. The DTs true bypass operation ensures it can be added to any rig without any adverse effects on sound quality. You won’t get the dreaded “tone-suck” that is produced by other non-bypass pedals.

“Thanks to the Whammy’s complex digital signal processing and pitch shifting algorhythms, chordal accuracy is perfectly maintained.” - Digitech

Anything WH-1 can do, I can do better

The original Ferrari red WH-1 Whammy never went unnoticed on a pedal board, and the DT is no different. This model was built upon the simplistic design of the original, but includes a slightly rearranged control set. The first Whammy featured an expression pedal on the left side and had controls for detune, harmony and whammy effects on the right whereas the DT features controls on both sides of the unit. The original pedals effects that Whammy fans came to know and love, have migrated to the left side and now the right side is dedicated to the pedals wealth of drop-tune effects.

Since the original Whammy’s instant popularity, more models were created in an attempt to further improve the highly-sought after pedal and although these later models may have included additional, fancy effects and features, it was the simplicity of the original that a lot of guitarists favoured.

Some have said that the only major differences between the Whammy DT and its older brothers, is the clarity of pitch shifting. The old models would struggle in executing drastic pitch bends, and as a result produced warbling digital artifacts that some guitarists appreciated but the majority detested. With the Whammy DT you can achieve pristine pitch bends as the pedals processing sounds “much more like a mammoth whammy bar radically working its way through a super-wide pitch range than a glitchy digital approximation, even at the most extreme settings.”

Premier Guitar Thinks…

“From a performance perspective, the Whammy DT is extremely flexible and easy to use. The Drop Tune function alone has numerous practical uses when you’re leaping between genres and tunings. But even within a single song or even phrase, use of the Drop Tune’s momentary switch can extend the range of your instrument and allow you to pave new fretboard highways on the fly.

On the expression pedal-controlled side of the unit the tried-and-true performance options are as interactive and wild as ever. The Whammy effect bends your pitch fluidly, much like a slide whistle or theremin. Adding a bit of vibrato to your foot will apply an elastic, rubbery, or cartoony sort of sound to your pitch. And imagine hitting a climactic note in a solo with your band in a full crescendo, and imagine bending that note up another two whole octaves, or just as easily, plunging two octaves down.”

Dolphins Verdict

Some key points made by people who have used and reviewed the Whammy DT:

Recurring Positive Comments

  • Capable of clear, pristine pitch bends
  • True bypass is excellent, not a “tone-killer” like some older models
  • Features additional effects, allowing more creative capabilities
  • Still delivers the same ultimate “Whammy” sound

Common Negative Observations

  • Rather expensive for an FX pedal (but if you know what you’re getting…)
  • Significantly larger and than the original Whammy (But it will look small when you’re standing over it though)
  • It’s not exactly pretty (It’s on the floor for you to stomp on, who cares?)

The Digitech whammy has been with us for nearly 20 years, and it is continuing to improve and evolve, attempting to give guitarists more of what they desire. The Whammy DT successfully rounds up the lessons of two decades and manages to combine them to make a super cool evolution in which the possibilities often seem limitless.

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To read Premier Guitars full review of the Digitech Whammy DT, visit Premier Guitar.

Comment below with your opinions on the new Digitech Whammy DT. Is it better than it's elders or does it not live up to your expectations?

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