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Top 10 Gifts for Guitarists - Under £15

Published: Mon November 14, 2011  News Feed

Christmas Gifts for Guitarists Under £15



Planet Waves JS Signature Picks

A result of the collaboration of two inspired minds, Joe Satriani and Planet Waves. The JS Signature plecs, made of premium celluloid were designed and are used by Satriani himself.

The JS Signature picks allow the player to achieve great sounds whether picking, scraping, scratching, hammering or dragging the plec along the strings. The player can create sounds just like Satriani or come up with their own soundscapes.

Available in 10-packs with two colour options; white with black print or black with silver print. The JS logo and signature is on the front of each plec and they have 10 different JS sketches on the backs.

Available in Thin, Medium, or Heavy (Joe's favorite!). JS1B-T - Black Thin (.50mm)



Ernie Ball 2221 Regular Slinky 10-46 Electric Guitar Strings

Regular Slinky strings are Ernie Balls top selling set and are favored by many guitarists all over the world. Ernie Ball Slinky’s have managed to build a strong reputation for themselves over the years. Since their introduction in the 60s they have been popular with guitar stars like Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Tommy Kessler. Regular Slinky’s are precision manufactured to the highest possible standards most exacting consistency, for optimum performance and long life.

These Ernie Ball strings are made from nickel plated steel wire wrapped around a hex shaped steel core wire and the plain strings are manufactured from specially tempered tin plated high carbon steel, providing a very well balanced tone for your guitar.

Gauges .010 .013 .017 .026 .036 .046



Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Collector’s Series Picks Tin

Do you know a guitarist who has a serious habit of losing plecs? I do! This Jimi Hendrix series of plec tins comes with 12 plecs included and can store more, so why not solve that guitarist’s problem for Christmas with this great, affordable gift.

To commemorate the ground-breaking albums released by Jimi Hendrix over the legends lifetime, Dunlop created a range of plectrum tins, each featuring 12 classic celluloid picks with collective album art from the likes of “are You Experienced, “Bold as Love” and “Band of Gypsies”. Heavy gauges.



Korg PitchJack Plug-in Jack Guitar Tuner

Ultra-compact, built in jack, direct plug-in, suitable for guitars and basses. The Korg PitchJack delivers accurate tuning every time wherever you are. The PitchJack supports flat tuning as well as seven-string guitars and six-string basses. Visual confirmation of the tuning is easily visible with an LED that shows the string number of the guitar or bass, as well as the tuning status.

The compact design uses an input jack that can be folded down for safe and convenient transportation. The PitchJack even features a hole located in the upper part of the tuner so the player can attach the PitchJack to their bag, the zipper of their guitar/bass case, or their keychain for quick access whenever they need it.



Black Rat Guitar Footstool

This footstool would make perfect gift for a guitarist, as it is a luxury. An additional guitar accessory that they probably wouldn’t purchase for themselves but have always thought about having one. This Black Rat foot stool is adjustable and portable, comes in a black metal finish and will go almost unnoticed on stage. Foot stools are designed to give players comfort and stability, particularly acoustic players and this Black Rat model does just that.



Stagg Electric Guitar Basic Gig-Bag

This basic bag is ideal for those who don’t tend to travel a lot with their instrument. Although the case is not padded, it still provides excellent protection and for the price, you can’t really go wrong. It’s strong, nylon, with 2 additional pouches for accessories like jack leads, plecs or straps. The bag has a strong handle and 2 shoulder straps for really easy transportation.



Black Rat A-Frame Guitar Stand

Suitable for electric, acoustic and bass guitars, this universal A-frame stand will be any guitars protector. There are a lot of players who would admit to incorrectly storing their guitars, the majority of who probably lean theirs against the wall. Although it seems harmless, leaning guitars against the wall can actually seriously damage the instrument, bending the neck and truss rod (which runs through the neck) resulting in a distorted sound, more difficult playability (as the distance between the strings and frets may change) and in some cases even a visible disfigurement.

The Black Rat stand, at only £9.99 is a very reasonably priced investment for the guitars protection and long life. Constructed from steel featuring two cradling hooks and a back rest with soft rubber covering to hold the guitar securely and prevent scratching. The stand is equipped with a spring-loaded lock-pin mechanism, that keeps it open safely and then folds flat for convenient storage and portability.



Jim Dunlop 220 Chrome Slide

Perfect for those guitarists who love their Blues, this Dunlop chrome slide is simply guaranteed quality. Creating a distinctive metallic twang with that bluesy inflection has never been easier. There are a few types of slide that use various materials and produce very different sounds. Glass slides for example are among some of the most popular for blues guitarists, creating a warm subtle tone, brass slides create somewhat of a growl and metallic slides have a sort of tinny tone. Weight is also a very important asset of a slide, varying in the the levels of sustain, timbre and volume the slide can produce.

Although metal, this Dunlop chrome slide is surprisingly lightweight, making it perfect for beginners in the blues guitar world. Trying slide guitar for the first time opens the doors to a whole new playing experience, making this slide a fantastic Christmas gift for someone wanting to develop their guitar skills.



Fender Monogram Classic Guitar Strap (Black, Yellow, Red)

This popular 2” guitar strap has been used by countless artists over the years. The Monogrammed strap features extremely comfortable padding, and is made from quality cotton with PVC back and leather ends that are extremely durable. The strap is designed with the Fender logo and headstock image incorporated and is compatible with any type of guitar, electric acoustic or bass. The Fender Monogrammed strap is available in a number of different colours to suit any guitarist or style.



Jim Dunlop Trigger Capo (Curved, Nickel)

One of the most widely used capo styles on the market, the Dunlop trigger capo is the ideal solution to any guitarists transposing issues. Manufactured from aircraft quality aluminium, the trigger spring provides a sturdy grip and is reliable, durable and extremely easy and fast to use, requiring only one hand to operate it.

Suitable for 6 or 12 string electric or acoustic guitars; this capo is extremely versatile and will surely be a welcomed addition to any guitarist’s accessory pack.



Dolphin’s WILD CARD

Orange Micro Crush Guitar Amplifier

Featuring the legendary Orange stylish design and hardcore tech specs, the Orange Micro Crush is certainly no novelty item. The Micro Crush is capable of that powerful full-bodied sound that is purely Orange through and through. With a useful built-in chromatic tuner you’re simply getting so much more for your money compared to some other micro amps on the market.

The Micro Crush has the capacity to produce 3 Watts through its 4” speaker, which is rather significant for such a small amplifier.

The Micro Crush embodies everything that Orange stands for, style, performance and giving guitarists exactly what they want… making the Micro Crush a GREAT gift this Christmas, they’ll love you for it.


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