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Fender and Clapton Have Done it Again! NEW Fender EC Series of Tube Amps

Published: Fri November 04, 2011  News Feed

A Milestone in Fender History

Fender's first range on signature artist amplifiers, the Eric Clapton series of tweed tube amps consist of three different models, varying both in size and intensity. The EC amps were all hand built in Corona, California and were specifically designed around Clapton’s requirements.

The ECs feature a ‘50s era output tube bias tremolo which produces the throbbing pulse that adds “body” to your sound. Among other premium features, the EC amps have a switchable power attenuator which reduces speaker output, so you don’t have to crank your volume all the way up to get that fully rounded sound.


The largest amp of the range is the EC Twinolux which features a tremolo with speed, intensity controls and a footswitch. Two Special Design 12” Weber speakers that were built by Eminence and include Alnico magnets for an extremely dynamic and sensitive response.

With two Groove Tubes, 6L6GE output tubes, four AX7 preamp tubes and dual 5U4 rectifier tubes, you’ll have enough “tube ampness” to last you a lifetime.


Reminiscent of its predecessor the ’57 Deluxe, the Tremolux features all of the great quality elements that made the Deluxe so popular with artists like Clapton back in the 50s.The amps rather medium dimensions make the Tremolux ideal for both large performances and for smaller shows, or a practice amp at home.

The tremolo circuit on the 1x12” Tremolux has a speed control, which can be selected with the included footswitch. The disconnectable internal speaker allows use of an external 8 ohm speaker enclosure and with the additional feature of a switchable output power attenuator; you’ll be in absolute control of this adaptable beauty.

Vibro Champ

The smallest of the series, the Vibro Champ features custom transformers by Schumacher and also a footswitch jack for an optional tremolo. The Vibro Champ comes with a lot of the same featured included in its older brothers, such as the adjustable internal speaker and switchable output power attenuator.

Don’t be fooled by its size, The Vibro Champ is still a member of the EC series family, which means that you’re guaranteed to feel some power behind that small speaker cab.



Dolphin’s Verdict

Since Fender first introduced their range of tweed amps in the ‘50s, the amp style has been a definite favourite among guitarists and these new EC models should be no different.

“Each produces a full-bodied voice that is as pure and authentic as Clapton’s own, with distinctively modified electronics and elegantly classic styling that evokes his musical persona and much of his greatest work.”

The Eric Clapton signature Fender amp series simply delivers that ultimate classic tweed amp tone that attracted the guitar legend to Fender tweed amplifiers in the first place.

Manufactured by Fender, with specs specifically designed by Mr. Slowhand himself, surely the EC models won’t disappoint.

For more details about the Fender and the Eric Clapton signature amplifiers, visit the Fender Website.


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