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Feel the Need to Stomp? Do it on one of our Top 5 Digitech Effects Pedals

Published: Mon October 31, 2011  News Feed

Dolphin's 5 Bestselling Digitech Effects Pedals

Digitech are one of the biggest and best manufacturers of FX pedals in the world. Their wide range of products include every type of effect you could possibly want, from distortion to delay to integrated drum machines and the list goes on. It's no surprise that their pedals are some of our bestsellers, and we'll tell you why...

5. Digitech DG Grunge

The DG Grunge has not achieved its legendary status from being a mediocre pedal; it has been one of the world’s bestselling effects pedals for more than a decade. Although the pedal is specifically designed for “dirty” sounds, if the guitar is strummed lightly you will notice some brilliant definition shining through all of that power.

The DG Grunge houses a range of various sounds from ultimate distortion and heavy grind to chunky rhythm and sustained leads. The controls include loud, low, high (level), grunge (distortion), with amp output and a dedicated mixer output featuring cabinet emulation circuitry the DG Grunge is capable of both live performance and recording.

When the grunge controller is raised, the sensitivity at string level is increased, so to retain integrity you may need to be a little bit more careful and accurate with your fretting. The pedal may be called grunge, however, it has been said that it lacks that grungy ‘chorus’ effect that features in a lot of grunge music, BUT, the heavy distortion and responsive EQ makes it absolutely perfect for metal and other “heavy” musical styles.


4. XSW Synth Wah

The XSW features 7 selectable and modifiable wahs in just one pedal. The pedal facilitates switching between a wet and dry output and an adjustable envelope range, cut-off frequency or frequency envelope depending on which controls are activated.

Digitech themselves stated that the XSW is “considered by many to be the industry standard “to go” pedal when you want to add spice to a riff.”

The XSW may not be the best synth or Wah pedal but it has the ability to combine the two effects and formulate an incredible fuzzbox featuring the best elements of both. For a really unique sounds and lots and lots of tonal possibilities the XSW Synth Wah is the way forward.


3. XDD DigiDelay

“It does exactly what it says on the tin.” Capable of four seconds of delay, check; various delay times available, check; includes the must have stereo ping pong and tape delay, check; two outputs for effective live performance and studio use, check… you get the idea.

A lot of delay pedals can be seen as mundane and unadventurous, but with features like the reverse delay and loop functions the XDD just keeps on giving. With the reverse delay wet signal cranked to the max, the XDD can produce some out-of-this-world guitar solos and very intriguing vocal sounds, and the loop mode enables you to construct uniquely layered solo performances.


2. XTD Tone Driver

The XTD is a fairly simple pedal to use, making it excellent for beginners, and it works with any amplifier to create a wide variety of rich and interesting overdrive distortion sounds. The powerful Audio DNA DSP integrated chip makes it possible to achieve distinct sounds like a blues solo tone for example. The XTD features level, tone and gain controls and will unveil a library of incredible tones with just a twist of the ‘morph’ knob. Spectral contouring EQ and normal (amp) and CIT cabinet modelling (mixer) outputs make the XTD a very versatile overdrive pedal, useful for both live and studio use. With so many sound options coming from the function of the morph knob, the worst thing about having this pedal will be deciding which of the awesome sounds you like the best.


1. RP55 Multi-Effects

The RP55 truly goes above and beyond the traditional idea of a guitar effects pedal. The RP55, despite its intimidating exterior, is one of the easiest RP products to use as is doesn’t have any really deep parameter settings. Being a fairly recent model, the RP55 contains some of the best pedal technology such as the Audio DNA DSP chip, and is equipped for anything you’re after.

With 11 different amp models, 20 studio quality effects and up to 8 of these can be used simultaneously, you’re bound to discover whatever sound you’re looking for. The pedal features a bunch of very popular and great sounding amps including the Fender Twin Reverb and Vox AC30. This multi-effects pedal allows up to 40 user and 40 factory presets, is battery powered and includes an expression pedal input for whammy, wah and volume.

Possibly the most impressive feature of the RP55 is the integrated drum machine that includes over 30 different patterns. The RP55 literally gives you everything you need and more and that’s why it’s our bestselling effects pedal.


 For our full range of Digitech effects pedals and more Digitech products, visit Dolphin's Digitech brand page.


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