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sE Electronics Condenser Microphone Special Offers

Published: Wed October 12, 2011  News Feed

Looking for a new condenser microphone? We have some extra special deals this autumn on some of the most popular (and expensive) microphones that'll fit right in your budget. First of all, condenser mics, what is one? They're one of the best and most versatile tools in any recording studio - condenser mics are great for vocals, instruments or capturing ambient sounds. If you have any kind of recording setup, it's essential to have a condenser mic ready to go!

sE 2200a - was £223 now £150!

Where the sE mics are different to the majority of their competition is in the sound. With a smooth, comfortable sound, a slightly fat low end and well-defined but silky-smooth highs, the 2200a's frequency plot shows a gently bass hump at the low end, matched by a very wide, shallow rise at the end, giving the mic a slight 'smile' characteristic that is both subtle and flattering.

The sE 2200a has won a number of awards including the FutureMusic Platinum award, Future Publishing Readers Mic of the year, MIA Mic of the year and is MusicTech recommended!

Future Music “The SE2200a performs extremely well and has sacks-full of character. There are products out there that compete (plenty in fact), but the SE2200a is not bettered by any cheaper products and performs better than many with higher price tags. A resounding winner.

sE Z3300a - was £311 now £199!

The sE Z3300a, a multi-pattern valve microphone offering three polar patterns and a surprisingly high-end sound. The Z300a is sE's most versatile FET (field-effect transistor that relies on an electric field to control the shape and hence the conductivity of a channel of one type of charge carrier in a semiconductor material) microphone, utilising a large 1.07” twin diaphragm, giving you a choice of three polar patterns; Omni, cardioid and a figure of 8 which is easily switchable through a toggle switch which is located just below the grey trim ring. The Z3300a is the ultimate solid-state mic for almost all recording applications, from vocals to pianos and acoustic instruments.

With a low end and high end which are perfectly balanced, combining richness and density with an extended but very smooth top, the mic is great for flattering a vocalists sound, and because there are no narrow-band frequency boosts, the Z3300a suits a wide range of singers.

Future Music “sE Electronics are managing to produce mics that offer so much quality at such reasonable and affordable prices. Maybe there are cheaper mics on the market offering similar functions, but most are not nearly so proficient at yielding the sleek results of this new and improved beauty. Given the quality and improvements that have been made to the original Z3300, it definitely deserves that A.”

Not sure what kind of microphone you're after? Take a look at the Dolphin Music guide to finding the best microphone. We'll let you know whether you need a dynamic or condenser microphone and the recommended models for large ensembles to small ensembles to vocals and guitar recording, drums, woodwind and brass instruments. Find the best microphone

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