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The Best Amplifier of 2011 - Vote Now!

Published: Tue October 11, 2011  News Feed

One of the most prestigious awards of the year is here. Total Guitar's 'Total Guitar Amplifier of the Year' will be presented at this year's MIA Award ceremony. The following amps have all received a minimum four star rating in a Total Guitar Review. Many have won TG's Best Buy. From the dinky all-valve practice/recording combos to the massive stage-ready heads...which will be your favourite amp of the year?



Need a refresh? See the Total Guitar Amplifier of the Year Nominees..

Blackstar HT-1R Total Guitar Amp of the Year

Blackstar HT1-R

Blackstar Amplification are racking up all the awards this year! Firstly the Blackstar Series One Amplifier range wins the Guitarists Choice award last month, and now the HT-1R Combo amplifier is up for another award. The HT-1R Combo is great for studio use or practicing, packing all of the great tone and innovation features of the award-winning Blackstar HT-5 into a 1 watt format. With features including a unique push-pull power amp design, two channels, 8" speaker, reverb, Inifinite Shapre Feature and a stereo MP3/Line input.

Fender Mustang I Total Guitar Amplifier of the Year Award

Fender Mustang I

The Fender Mustang offers up-to-date features and loads of fun for under £100. This high-performance machine contains highly accurate amp modeling, a stellar collection of effects and many hidden capabilities, yet they are easy to use right out of the box!

Fender Mustang V Total Guitar Amp of the Year Award

Fender Mustang V

The Fender Mustang amp series has raised the standard for the modern guitar. Driven by incredibly authentic amp models and a huge bank of built-in effects, the Mustang V is equipped with USB connectivity an Fender FUSE software, allowing your musicial creativity and imagination to run wild.

Fender Super Sonic Total Guitar Amp of the Year

Fender Super-Sonic Twin Combo Amp

The Super Sonic Fender Amp Series are high-performance no-nonsense tube amps that create unmistakable Fender clean tones and expressive modern high-gain tones without masking the tonal character of your guitar and includes a Vintage channel, Arena/Club switch, Notch tune control, American and British amp sounds.

Hayden Mini Mofo Total Guitr Amp of the Year

Hayden Mini Mofo

Thi Mini Mofo is an all valve 15 watt guitar amp with a whole lot of attitude. Unlike the other mini guitar amp heads, the MoFo delivers stunning bell like clean tones with real depth to plexi-esque classic rock crunch, right on up to full metal mayhem, and with four cascaded gain stages and a footswitchable MoFo model, the 15-watt mini amp does it all.

Marshal YJM100 Total Guitar Amp of the Gear

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen Signature Amp Head

The signature Yngwie Malmsteen head combines the awe-inspiring oversized cabinetry of the classic Marshall Major amplifier, adding custom features to the amp's rear panel as specificed by Yngwie himself. The name of guitarists Yngqie Malmsteen is synonymous with two things: flamboyant, lightning-fast playing and a love of the unique Marshall amp sound.

Orange Dark Terror Total Guitar Amp of the Year Award

Orange Dark Terror

It's menacingly small, easily recognisable and is an aggressive little amp which comes with a mind blowing sound. Combining the shape control of the Thunder series with the weight and siz of the monster Terror family, the Dark Terror has distinctive Orange Amp sound with creepy amounts of gain on tap with disturbingly pleasurable responsiveness. The Terror is uncomporomisingly brutal and guitar players everywhere will quickly become attuned to this scary dark force of nature.

Roland Cube 20XL Total Guitar Amp of the Year

Roland Cube 20 XL Guitar Amplifier

With over a million Cube amps sold, the 20 XL is the affordable, yet powerful addition to the Cube-amp family. It's small, yet mighty and delivers 20 watts of output through a high-performance 8" custom speaker. The compact size is perfect for practice at home and band rehearsals, and is conveniently portable. With nine onboard effects and an Aux input, power squeeze and convenient audible tuner, Roland have meticulously analysed and modelled an array of world-class amps to bring you an authentic and versatile tone palette.

Roland Ac-33 Total Guitar amp of the year

Roland AC-33 Acoustic Chorus Amplifier

The Roland AC-33 was the world's first AA battery-powered amp made specifically for acoustic guitars. It's portable yet powerful and provides true stereo sound, guitar and mic/line channels, custom tailored-effects, anti-feedback, and a phrase looper. Take your act anywhere - into the backwoods, onto the streets, or wherever your imagination leads you.

Vox Lil Night Train Total Guitar Amp of the Year

VOX Lil' Night Train

The Lil' Night Train combines authentic VOX all-tube tone in a stylish and ultra-compact 2-watt head with two preamp vacuum tubes, treble & bass EQ controls; plus gain and volume controls and a headphone/line out jack which is fantastic for recording Lil' Night Train's tube sound directly, or for those late night hours of practicing!

VOX VT20 Total Guitar Amp of the Year

VOX Valvetronix Plus VT20+ Amp

The VT20+ brings convincing amp modeling technology together with that legendary Vox tone and classic design. With 33 basic presets, the VT20+ offers perfect recreations of amp models from VOX throughout the years, from the classic AC30 to the recent favourite Night Train. Coupled with 25 built-in effects plus an additional 66 effected presets or song presents and tons of other great features.

Vote for your favourite amp of 2011

Head over to MusicRadar to vote for your favourite amp of the year.

What's your favourite amp of the year?

We want to know what your favourite amp of the year (or all time!) is. Do you agree with the nominees? Comment below to let us know!

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