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Get Your Tenori-ON - Saving 61%, now £209!

Published: Wed September 14, 2011  News Feed

Dolphin Music have the last ever batch of the MIDI Interface which captured and fuelled the imagination of some of the world's most influential and creative experimental live and studio musicians from the likes of Bjork, Little Boots and Ono Yoko Plastic band. We give you every little last bit of detail about the Tenori-ON (if we don't, ask us a question on the comment box below and we'll make sure we answer it for you!)

Since 2007, the Tenori-ON has picked up a number of prestigious design awards and won a coveted place in New York's Museum of Modern Art thanks to it's addictive & brilliant interface and its striking design. The Tenori-ON orange is the wallet friendly version of the original Tenori-ON, with only a few design differences such as heavy duty and durable plastic casing and is mains operated. The concept however, is still the same and definitely offers the same level of creative power as the originals, but has been made significantly more affordable with a Dolphin Music price of £209 (still expensive? the RRP for the Orange is £648, with the Tenori-On Orignal costing you £987!).

Little Boots, the artis who brought the Tenori-ON to the electro-pop stage shows us how to use the Tenori-On

Dolphin answer your Tenori-ON Questions

What are the special features of Tenori-ON

TENORI-ON is a 21st-century interface for music, developed in a collaboration between media artist Toshio Iwai and Yamaha Corporation. The instrument uses a panel of 16 x 16 LED buttons as an interface, so that even those with no knowledge of music can play it using sight and intuition.

TENORI-ON offers six types of program for the use of these buttons, and the light and sound they produce (Score / Random / Draw / Bounce / Push / Solo). These programs are called "performance modes" (or more simply "modes.") TENORI-ON allows the player to use multiple performance modes simultaneously, allowing layering of sounds and a wealth of musical expression.

The Tenori-ON touch panel

TENORI-ON is equipped with a total of 512 internal white LEDs. You can press an LED button on the from of TENORI-ON to set an arbitrary sound output point, creating a performance using sound synchronized with light from the white LEDs.

The Tenori-ON internal sound generator

TENORI-ON features an AWM2 sound generator with 253 unique preset voices.

Is Tenori-ON MIDI compatible?

Yes. You can connect TENORI-ON to an external MIDI device using the mini-DIN cable supplied (mini DIN<>DIN5 pin: female). The MIDI jacks on the cables supplied (DIN 5pin) are female, Please use a different MIDI cable to connect to female jacks.

Playing the Tenori-ON like a piano

You can set the Master Scale to Chromatic and play in half-tone steps and use the LED buttons to perform, but you cannot play it as you would play a piano.

Does Tenori-ON have a sampling function?

TENORI -ON is equipped with a playback sampling function. You can use the TENORI-ON User Voice Manager utility software to convert WAVE or AIFF format audio data to TENORI-ON specific formats, and then load them into TENORI-ON using an SD memory card. (TENORI-ON cannot perform real-time sampling.)

Tenori-ON Accessories, what does it come with?

The following accessories are provided.
1 mini DIN cable (approximately 500mm in length), 1 x CD-ROM, power adapter (PA-3C, or equivalent recommended by Yamaha Corporation), Quick Guide, Install Guide, safety warnings, guarantee

Get your Tenori-ON now

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