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Cubase 6: Your Complete Guide

Published: Thu February 03, 2011  News Feed

Why Cubase 6?

Cubase 6 has now been defining industry standards for more than 26 years. Steinberg have discovered a way to help artists make music in ways that put their creativity first using affordable technology. Since 1984 they've pushed the boundaries of what's possible in digital audio with the advanced technologies Cubase provides.

Is Cubase 6 for me?

Are you a musician or producer? A singer/songwriter? Composer? Electronic music or beat producer? Are you in a band? Cubase 6 is for everyone, whether you're a musician or a producer, Cubase 6 helps with every step of the music creation process, helping you meet your individual needs.

As a singer/songwriter Cubase is ideal for you recording vocal lines, preparing playbacks and creating entire songs with the wealth of virtual instruments and sounds included. The HALion Sonic SE virtual instrument delivers more than 900 production-ready sounds and instruments ready at your fingertips to inspire your creative work. The second first-class feature in Cubase 6 is VST Amp Rack featuring seven legendary amp models, sixteen vintage stomp boxes, six classic speaker cabinets and two studio-grade microphone types.

Composers get a complete software notation program for professional score layouts. MIDI notes being played are instantly translated directly to musical notation which results in a score than can be editing using more than 100 professional notation symbols. All playing instructions noted in the Score Editor are converted directly into MIDI Parameters that can trigger any VST instrument in real time. VST Expression 2 is a special highlight for composers, delivering an innovative solution for working with different instrumental articulations directly in the Key and Score Editor.

Producers of all types of electronic music will find an arsenal of stunning virtual synthesizers and numerous effects in Cubase 6. Prologue, Spector and Mystic are based on renowned synth technology by VirSyn and are the perfect choice for any type of synth sound, covering everything from powerful low end and impressive leads up to spherical pads and unheard-of-atmos. There are many ways to modulate, filter and edit your sound aside from the hundreds of available presets in Cubase 6. Aside from the HALion Sonic SE VSTi workstation previously mentioned, the Track Quick Controls and its MIDI Learn feature let you record those lively filter sweeps as well as virtually control every sound parameter, also with an external MIDI controller. Groove Agent ONE and the Beat Designer step sequencer drum tools program quick and individual grooves and LoopMash 2 is a truly inspirational tool, letting you create new variations. There are more than 60 audio effects and 18 MIDI effects in Cubase 6 for sound designing and mixing.

If you're a beat producer Cubase 6 includes LoopMash 2 to let you work creatively and constantly create new and seamless groove variations of available audio material. With Groove AgentONE you can import sliced loops and MPC kits and by using the Beat Designer step sequencer, you can quickly and intuitively program individual drum patterns. With MediaBay you can comfortably manage, categorize and listen in on all your drum samples, presets and loops and AudioWarp allows you to adjust the imported loops to any song tempo at the flick of a switch.

Here's a few things you might want to know about Cubase 6

Introducing VST 3.5: Steinberg's Industry Standard Virtual Studio Technology

  • VST creates a full, professional studio environment on your PC or Mac
  • Allows seamless integration of virtual effects processors and instruments right into sequencing software
  • NEW: VST 3 Controller and Note Expression Support
  • NEW: VST Expression Maps integration

VST Sound: Steinberg's Universal Media Management Format

  • Directly integrate plug-ins and instruments from third-party manufacturers into MediaBay - the media management system used in Steinberg's host applications
  • Simply find and work with any form of media file including audio, loops, VSTi presets, videos, MIDI parts & Track Presets much faster than ever before

ASIO: Steinberg's Low-Latency, High-Performance Audio Standard

  • ASIO = Audio Stream Input/Output
  • Forms the backbone of VST addressing any needs a pro audio recording solution might have
  • Supports variable bit depths and sample rates, multi-channel operation and synchronization resulting in low latency, high performance, easy set up and stable audio recording within VST

Which is for me? Cubase 6 or Cubase 6 Artist?

There is often a lot of confusion of why you should upgrade, here's some information from Steinberg themselves so you can break down what version you actually need according to your own preferences.

What Cubase 6 and Cubase Artist 6 have in common:

  • Superb set of audio/MIDI recording, editing and mixing tools
  • 32-bit floating-point audio engine with flexible routing and full automatic delay compensation
  • Outstanding virtual instruments including HALion Sonic SE, LoopMash 2 and MPC-style Groove Agent ONE drum machine
  • 60 high-end audio and 18 MIDI VST effect processors (Cubase Artist 6: 41 audio VST effects)
  • AudioWarp system for real-time time-stretching and pitch-shifting
  • Professional music notation and score printing (Cubase Artist 6: basic notation and printing)
  • MediaBay file and preset management system including VST Sound support
  • Project Assistant with dozens of templates to get started quickly
  • Significantly redesigned, more accessible user interface
  • Cross-platform 32-/64-bit for Windows and Mac OS X
  • Includes 2 hours in-depth high-definition video tutorials
  • Includes trial versions of HALion Sonic, HALion Symphonic Orchestra (Cubase 6 only), The Grand 3 SE, WaveLab Elements 7 and Rebeat

Avaible Upgrades

Steinberg Cubase 6
Steinberg Cubase 6 Artist
Steinberg Cubase 6 Update from Cubase 4/5
Steinberg Cubase 6 Upgrade from Cubase Studio 4/5
Steinberg Cubase 6 Upgrade from Cubase LE/AI, Essential, SX, Sequel, SE3, Studio Case 2/3, LE/AI 4/5
Steinberg Cubase 6 Artist Upgrade from Cubase Essential 4/5
Steinberg Cubase 6 Artist Upgrade from Cubase 6 LE/AI, Sequel 2/3, SE3, Studio Case 2, Cubase 5 LE/Ai
Cubase 6 Education
Cubase 6 Artist Education

Number of Audio Tracks
Number of MIDI Tracks
Number of Instrument Tracks
Physical Inputs and Outputs
Group Channels
FX Send Channels
FX Return Channels
VST Audio Effects Insert Slots
MIDI Effect Insert Slots
VST Instrument Slots
Number of Mixer Views
Number of Included MIDI Effect Plug-Ins
Number of Included Audio Effect Plug-Ins 60 41
Number of Included VST Instruments   6
Number of Included Instrument Sounds

Printed Quick Start Guide Logo green Logo green
Derivate Project Compatibility Logo green Logo green

OMF Import/Export Logo green  
Sequel 2 Project Import Logo green Logo green
Native Cubase 64-bit version for
Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6
Logo green Logo green
Studio Connections Logo green
Logo yellow(Recall)
Full Fraunhofer MP3 Encoding Logo green Logo yellow(Add-On)
Windows Media WMA Pro Encoding Logo green Logo green
Multi-Processing Support Logo green Logo green
Mac OS X Universal Binary Logo green Logo green
VST3 Plug-In Support Logo green Logo green
VST2.4 Plug-In Support Logo green Logo green
ReWire Support Logo green Logo green
Z Plane Elastique Time Stretching
Logo green Logo green

Cubase Artist
MIDI Devices (device maps and editors) Logo green  
Track Archives Logo green  
Batch Export Logo green  
Project Browser Logo green  
Pool Import and Export Logo green  
Logical Editor (include Project) Logo green  
Track Edit Groups Logo green  
External Effects Logo green  
External Instruments Logo green Logo yellow(Only with Yamaha Motif)
Workspaces (virtual desktops) Logo green Logo green
Track Quick Controls Logo green Logo green
Implace Editor (MIDI editing in Project Window) Logo green Logo green
Offline Process History Logo green Logo green
MediaBay and VST Sound Support Logo green Logo green
Unlimited Undo and Redo Logo green Logo green
Track-Presets Logo green Logo green
Assingable Key Commands and Key Command Macros Logo green Logo green
Extended Track Inspector (display VSTi Channels for MIDI Tracks) Logo green Logo green
Extended Freeze for VST Instruments and Audio Tracks Logo green Logo green
New Scaling Tools for Automation and Controller Lane Editing Logo green Logo green

 Control Room
 Logo green  
 5.1 Surround and True Multichannel Audio Path
 Logo green  
 Automation Panel
 Logo green  
 Extended Channel EQ (VST3 Studio EQ)
 Logo green  Logo green
 Recording From Buses
 Logo green  Logo green
 Extended Mixer View
 Logo green  Logo green
 Sidechain Inputs
 Logo green  Logo green
 Volume Envelopes
 Logo green  Logo green
 Recording Modes: Mix, Overwrite, Normal, Merge Stacked
 Logo green   Logo green
 Automation Modes: Touch, Crossover, Auto-Latch, Trim
 Logo green  Logo yellow
 Hardware Controller Support
 Logo green  Logo yellow
 Award-Winning 32-Bit Floating-Point Audio-Engine
 Logo green  Logo green
 Dithering Apogee UV22HR
 Logo green  Logo green
 Advanced Comping
 Logo green  Logo green

  Cubase 6
Cubase Artist 6
Extended Options in Tempo Editor Logo green  
VST Expression 2.0 Support: Expression Maps, Note Expression, VST Dynamic, Extended Output Mapping Logo green  
Audio Tempo Detection Tools Logo green  
Professional Score Layout and Printing Logo green  
Global Transpose Track Logo green Logo green
Signature and Tempo Tracks in Project Window Logo green Logo green
Arranger Track (Pattern-Based Arranging) Logo green Logo green
Key Editor (Incl. New Key Editor Inspector) Logo green Logo green
Drum Editor Logo green Logo green
List Editor Logo green Logo green

VariAudio (incl. Extended MIDI Conversion Logo green  
Time Warp Tool Logo green  
Extended Audio Quantize Logo green  
AudioWarp (real-time stretching & pitch shifting) Logo green Logo green
Pitch Shifting and Time Stretching Alogrithm Logo green Logo green

AmpSimulator Logo green Logo green
AutoPan Logo green Logo green
Bitcrusher Logo green Logo green
Chopper Logo green Logo green
Chorus Logo green Logo green
Cloner Logo green  
Compressor Logo green Logo green
DaTube Logo green Logo green
DeEsser Logo green  
Distortion Logo green Logo green
DualFilter Logo green Logo green
EnvelopeShapre Logo green Logo green
Expander Logo green  
Flanger Logo green Logo green
Gate Logo green Logo green
GEQ-10 Logo green Logo green
GEQ-30 Logo green  
Grungelizer Logo green Logo green
Limiter Logo green Logo green
Maximizer Logo green Logo green
Metalizer Logo green Logo green
MIDI Gate Logo green Logo green
Mix6to2 Logo green  
MixConvert Logo green  
MoldMachine Logo green  
MonoDelay Logo green Logo green
MonoToStereo Logo green Logo green
MultibandCompressor Logo green  
MultiScope Logo green  
Octaver Logo green Logo green
Phaser Logo green Logo green
PingPongDelay Logo green Logo green
Pitch Correct Logo green Logo green
REVerence Logo green  
RingModulator Logo green Logo green
Roomworks Logo green  
RoomworksSE Logo green Logo green
Rotary Logo green Logo green
SMPTE Generator Logo green  
SoftClipper Logo green  
Standard Channel EQ Logo green Logo green
StepFilter Logo green Logo green
StereoDelay Logo green Logo green
StereoEnhancer Logo green Logo green
StudioChorus Logo green  
StudioEQ Logo green Logo green
Surround Panner Logo green Logo green
Test Generator Logo green  
Tonic Logo green  
Tranceformer Logo green Logo green
Tremolo Logo green Logo green
Tuner Logo green Logo green
UV22HR Logo green Logo green
Vibrato Logo green Logo green
VintageCompressor Logo green  
VST Amp Rack Logo green Logo green
VST Dynamics Logo green Logo green
WahWah Logo green Logo green

Embracer Logo green  
Groove Agent ONE Logo green Logo green
HALion Sonic SE Logo green Logo green
LoopMash 2 Logo green Logo green
Monologue Logo green  
Mystic Logo green Logo green
Prologue Logo green Logo green
Spector Logo green Logo green

td> CUBASE 6
 Arpache 5
 Logo green Logo green
 Arpache 5X
 Logo green  Logo green
 Auto LFO
 Logo green  Logo green
 Beat Designer
 Logo green  Logo green
 Chorder  Logo green  Logo green
 Compressor  Logo green  Logo green
 Context Gate
 Logo green  Logo green
 Density  Logo green  Logo green
 Micro Tuner
 Logo green  Logo green
 MIDI Control
 Logo green  Logo green
 MIDI Echo
 Logo green  Logo green
 MIDI Modifiers
 Logo green  Logo green
 MIDI Monitor
 Logo green  Logo green
 Note 2 CC
 Logo green  Logo green
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