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Headphones for Everyone...

Published: Tue November 30, 2010  News Feed

Whether you're a DJ beginner or an iPhone addict, we've unwrapped a headphone buying guide with a little help from Audio-Technica. Please every member of the family this year with headphones from as cheap as £10...and don't forget, we've reduced our shipping costs so buying your favourite gear and the lowest prices at Dolphin Music is now even cheaper!

Pink Ladies

If you're buying for a girly girl, pink Skullcandy headphones are not only in-trend but have superior sound for a great price.

Skullcandy Pink/Black Smokin Buds - £24.99 (Save 13%)

Smokin Buds have been specially conceived to give you a better sound quality. By cutting out all the external noise leaving only pure music for your enjoyment and come with a satin carry pouch so you need never be without them! More info

Skullcandy Magenta Print Icon Headphones - £29.99 (Save 14%)

These ultra light sport headphones supply ridiculously clear sound and are constructed with the same double headband design that everybody knows and loves. More info

Skullcandy Pink/White Lowrider Headphones - £32.99 (Save 13%)

Skullcandy Lowriders - very stylish with exceptional audio quality, these are a cross between pro-audio headsets you find on DJs and high-end HiFi headsets. Equipped with enhanced audio drivers and soft leather touch ear pillows, these will leave you bedazzled with the sound. More info

Budding DJs

Wannabe Pete Tongs need look no further than these Dj-Style monitoring and deep bass response headphones starting at £9.99

Numark HF125 - £9.99 (Save 33%)

These comfortable, dynamic headphones from Numark deliver the goods with flexible adjustable dual, padded ear cups, large speaker drivers and padded headband. More info

Sennheiser HD-202 MK11 - £26

Sennheiser's closed dynamic hi-fi stereo headphones have a balanced sound image wtih slight emphasis on the bass response, attenuation of ambient noise and soft ear pads, making them ideal for DJs. More info

Stanton DJ Pro 2000S - £64.99

Stanton have made these high-quality stereo headphones with rotating ear-cups, closed ear-cup, 50mm drivers and a detachable cord with a convenient folding design to make them easily transportable - designed especially for the professional DJ. More info

Shure SRH-750DJ - £109

The SRH-750DJ headphones deliver high-output bass with extended highs. 90 degreed swivel ear-cups make these headphones perfect for meeting the demands of live professional DJ mixing. More info

Teen Tastemakers

Fash2ion-conscious teens will love this range of stylish headphones. They may be pricey but we can assure you they're all very durable - and in the case of Skullcandy, they come with a lifetime warranty so you never need to worry that they won't last!

Skullcandy Black & Gold Lowriders - £32.99

Extremely stylish with exceptional audio quality, Skullcandy lowriders are lightweight and padded for extra comfort.

Skullycandy Scattered Grey Hesh - £49.99

Skullcandy's 'Hesh' range have an exotic look to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Equipped with 50mm drivers, enhanced parabolic sound and soft leather ear pillows, they will leave you bedazzled with the sound. And, with the handy satin travel bag, you'll never have to rock again without them!





Monster Dr Dre in Earphones - £119.95

Large low mass, wide-bandwidth drivers offers precision response and play sound loud without distortion. The Monstrer sound isolating ear tips provide a perfect fit to seal out external noises. The Duraflex protective cable jacket is very hardwaring, meaning no tears and you won't need to worry about your wires getting tangled! These come in a rugged protective case for superior protection. More info

Skullcady Glen Plaid TI Stereo Headphones - £64.99 (Save 18%)

Narcissus was so in love with himself, that he drowned in a pond while trying to embrace his own reflection. The reflection is rumoured to have been wearing a pair of Skullcandy Ti headphones. The TI's titanium speakers deliver clean, crisp highs and monster bass - these headphones will blow you away! More info

Urban Cool Kids

For all you r'n'b lovers, Skullcandy have got some awesome designs for you too..

Skullcandy Orange Lowrider Headphones

These Skullcandy Lowriders are a cross between pro-audio headphones and high-end HiFi - giving you exceptional audio quality and letting you stand out from the crowd with this stylish design. More info

Skullcandy Black/Green Agent Headphones - £35.75

Skullcandy Agent headphones feature hi-fidelity sound and a contour so sleek its vitually undetectable by emeny radar. Whether dictated by expedience or personal preference, sometimes you've gotta keep a low profile and tread lightly! More info

Skullcandy Shattered Rasta Hesh Headphones - £49.99

Skullcandy Shattered Rasta design Hesh headphones have an exotic look setting you apart from the rest of the crowd. Equipped with explosive 50mm drivers, enhanced parabolic sound and soft leather ear pillows, you'll be left bedazzled with sound! And don't forget - they come with a satin travel bag and a lifetime warranty! More info

Sennheiser HD-25 by adidas Originals - £199

'The Original Combination of Sound & Style' - adidas has given Sennheiser's supreme headphones a makover. With extreme sound pressure, crystal clear hights down to rumbling lows, these collectors edition headphones ensure an original sound experience. More info

iPhone Addicts

Listen to music on the go with your iPhone/iPod with our range of favourite earphones.

Skullcandy Black & Chrome Chops Hanger - £22.99

Skullcandy chops anchor your ear buds to skull so you can pound the streets whilst your music pounds your ears. They provide high-quality audio in a lightweight and comfortable design which produce crisp, clear audio with a wide frequency response. More info

Audio-Technica ATH-CM700BW - £83.01

The 15.5mm diameter neodymium drivers deliver deeper bass, extended treble and higher fidelity. Extended cord support on ear bus prevents tangles and the brushed aluminium makes the earphones durable, light weight and portable. More info

Shure SE115-Cl-EFS - £89.99 (Save 10%)

An excellent introduction into premium audio via sound isolation, the SE115-CL-EFS features single dynamic microdrivers for full sonic range and resonant bass. More info

M-Audio IE-30 Pro Reference Earphones - £159 (Save 7%)

Employing the same stage-proven Ultimate Ears technology relied on by major touring acts, the IE-30 professional reference earphones provide rich, high-definition monitoring for mobile recording/production and live performance—not to mention critical listening of all types of music on the go. More info

Frequent Flyers

All you high-flyers will appreciate the quiet. You've seen a few noise-cancelling headphones in this guide so far, but here are our favourites...

Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 - £113.17 (Save 29%)

Using patented technology, these headphones detect external environmental noise through miniature microphones incorporated into each ear bud. These create an equal but opposite noise signal which is added to the music signal and so cancels out up to 85% external noise whilst still being able to enjoy rich sound.

Shure SCL4 - £217.12

The cutting-edge industrial design of the E4 is a breakthrough in sound isolating earphone technology. Ideal for the business traveler and on-the-go audiophile, the High-Definition Driver with Tuned Port Technology delivers brilliant highs and extended bass that enhance your listening experience with your portable MP3, DVD, and CD players as well as all other audio sources. More info

Shure SE530 - £337.17

Shure SE530 is the ultimate luxury audio experience. Triple TruAcoustic MicroSpeakers configured as a tweeter and dual woofers for an expansive soundstage and full bodied bass. An internal crossover routes audio to a dedicated tweeter to ensure accurate highs and mid-highs, while two dedicated woofers provide the ultimate in balanced lows and low-mids. Extremely detailed musical experience and isolation from outside noise. More info


Studio Sounds

Samson CH70 Reference Headphones - £15.99 (Save 15%)

CH70 headphones are ideal for any listening and monitor application where critical sound reproduction is needed. The closed-ear design provides maximum isolation reducing unwanted bleed that can be picked up on live microphones.More info

Audio Technica ATH-M20 - £35.00

Audio-Technica's ATH-M20 dynamic stereo headphones offer exceptional clarity and maximum comfort for hours of listening. The headphones' low-profile, closed-back design provides superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. More info

Audio Technica ATH-M35 - £69.99

Ideal for studio, field recording, broadcast and live sound use, the headphones are designed for long service and exemplary performance. More info

Audio-Technica ATH-M50 - £134 (Save 10%)

With the ATH-M50 professional studio monitor headphones, Audio-Technica has achieved an exceptionally accurate response and long-wearing listening comfort. Designed especially for professional monitoring and mixing, these studiophones feature an efficient collapsible design for space-saving portability and storage. More info

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