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We Now Stock Skullcandy Headphones!

Published: Thu October 21, 2010  News Feed

A lil' bit of info about Skullcandy headphones...

Skullcandy began back in 2003 by a guy called Rick Alden who wanted to design a range of headphones which were specifically tailored to the style and demands of the action and sports lifestyle. By browsing through their different ranges of headphones, from in-ear headphones, noise cancelling headphones you can see distinctive designs tailored to the tastes of BMX riders, surfers, skaters and skiing & snowboarding fans. Since 2003, the Skullcandy brand has grown massively in popularity, and now boasts patented technology and big name collaborations with artists, bands, DJ's and action sports athletes from Metallica to Snoop Dog to Thrice.

What makes Skullcandy headphones special?

Aside from their awesome designs, Skullcandy have a patented system called LINK System, astouding sound quality in their discreet earphones and a lifetime warranty. The Skullcandy iPhone app gives you faster access to the lifestyle you love.

LINK System
The LINK System is Skullcandy's patented system, which allows you to connect to your audio device and mobile phone simultaneously, using your headphones for a pure hands-free experience. Some of the headphones in the Skullcandy range include a built-in microphone specifically for use with iPhones/Blackberrys/Androids and other mp3 phones!

The sound quality on Skullcandy's discreet earphones is astounding! Selected Skullcandy iPhone compatible earphones include a mic inline with the earphone cables that allows you to talk hands-free without having to stop what ever pursuit you're on.

Your Skullcandy headphones and earphones will be backed by a lifetime warranty. If they break whilst in use, send them back to Skullcandy for a replacement and they'll send you a new pair!

Skullcandy iPhone App
Dan Levine, Skullcandy's Vice President says about the iPhone app, "Skullcandy has always been about making the action sports lifestyle better and our free app is just another reflection of that. We hoped that if we built something we loves, our fans would love it too!" The app gives users the latest surf or snow conditions, find the nearest skatepark to you and listen to free streaming music. You can also find a daler locator, visit the mobile store and watch Skullcandy TV!

Skullcandy Ranges at Dolphin Music

Here are a few of our favourites!

Skullcandy GI - now £64.99

Skullcandy GI 3.5mm Stereo Headphones - Rasta, White Elephant, Brown Stripe or Black. No soldier on record has ever lost a battle while wearing the G.I. headphones. Ever. And why would they with DJ articulation and classic over the ear studio design!






Skullcandy Hesh - now £49.99

Skullcandy Hesh 3.5mm Stereo Headphones - Shattered Blue, Shattered Grey and Shattered Rasta. Fisticuffs with the boss could potentially be confused by some at the office as a sign of insubordination. Vigorous dancing on his desk with exotic facial contortions and frequent airborne double-bird fist pumping hand gestures while wearing Hesh headphones is probably a more diplomatic way of saying, Leave me alone so I can rock again.

The Skullcandy Hesh DJ-Style Stereo Headphones have an exotic look to set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Equipped with explosive 50mm Drivers, Enhanced Parabolic Sound and Soft Leather Ear Pillows they will leave you bedazzled with the sound.

And with the handy satin travel bag you never need be parted from them again.

Skullcandy Icon - now £29.99

Skullcandy Icon 2 3.5mm Headphones - Grey Houndstooth, Magenta Print. You know youve made it when someone calls you an Icon. It means you stand for something. It means you’re darn near irreplaceable. It means that when somebody looks at you, they know you’re the Best In Class, the Cats Meow, we’re getting off track.

The Icon from Skullcandy is all of that... plus it is completely GRIMY. Skullcandy have constructed the Icon with the same double headband design that youve come to know and love. These ultra light sport headphones supply ridiculously clear sound.

Skullcandy Lowrider - now £32.99

Skullcandy Lowrider Headphones 3.5mm - Purple/Black, Green/Black, Orange, Pink/White and White/Black. The Skullcandy Lowrider headset is a cross between the professional audio headset used by the DJs and a high end HiFi headset.It is very stylish and gives you an exceptional audio quality.

The Lowrider headset has 2 speakers that can be oriented at 90°, thus you can use in pure DJ style and has an excellent fit. They are equipped with Enhanced Audio Drivers, Soft Leather Touch Ear Pillows they will leave you bedazzled with the sound.




Skullcandy TI - now £64.99

Skullcandy TI 3.5mm Stereo Headphones Glen Plaid. Narcissus was so in love with himself, that he drowned in a pond while trying to embrace his own reflection. The reflection is rumoured to have been wearing a pair of Skullcandy Ti headphones.

The Ti is fashioned with precision 40mm Titanium speakers delivering clean, crisp, highs and monster bass, these headphones will blow you away. Superior form combines with premium sound to bring Ti to the front of the audio revolution.

The Skullcandy T.I. headphones have an exquisite finish with the unique TI design. They are light weight with a padded design for superior comfort and excellent noise shielding and they 90° tilting cups for added comfort. And with the in-line volume control you don't need to fumble for your device to pump those tunes.



See our entire Skullcandy headphone range...

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