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WaveLab 7 and WaveLab Elements 7

Published: Tue September 14, 2010  News Feed



Wavelab 7 and Wavelab 7 Elements

Introducing Wavelab to Mac users...

We are finally able to announce Steinberg's latest version of their audio editing and mastering suite - Wavelab 7.








What is Wavelab?

Wavelab is the industry-standard production environment for mastering, audio editing and restoration, perfectly tailored to meet the demands of today's professionals.

Introduced from Steinberg for the first time in 1995, WaveLab belongs to the first mastering software applications available on the market.

Already being used as the number one application in mastering facilities, music studios, broadcast stations, among freelance editors, podcasters and those restoring old records in a home studio environment, WaveLab is also found where the next generations of sound and mastering learn the trade.

WaveLab 7

Taking audio mastering & editing to the next level...

With a wealth of new features, WaveLab 7 has for the first time been made available to Mac users. Through its perfectly tailored tools, WaveLab 7 is being able to raise the quality of any audio material dramatically by pro VST3 format and ultra-precise analyzing tools.

Providing a revolutionary new workflow experience, WaveLab 7 not only includes an effective window concept incorporating powerful workspace management, but a wealth of high-end VST3 plug-ins such as the Roomworks reverb and the highly flexible Post Filter, taking audio mastering and editing to the next level.

Alongside the ultra-precise Spectrum Editor plus exceptional Global and 3-D frequency analysis tools, WaveLab 7 also comes with a high-class VST3 restoration plug-in suite by the Sonnox specialists, consisting of DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker.


The Sonnox DeNoiser delivers high performance noise removal and is best suited to eliminate constant background noises of different colours. The DeNoiser offers Input and Output metering, Sensitivity and attenuation faders to determine the intensity of de-noising as well as two different tracking methods. DeNoiser also features a High-Frequency knob for adjusting the frequency range as well as a graphical representation of the processing intensity and frequency range.


DeClicker is a true all-rounder. The plug-in contains three sections with individual thresholds and controls: DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle. Whether it is a pop-sound in a voice recording, a click sound or unsightly crackles - DeClicker has the right answer to deliminate such disturbing sounds.


Beat buzzes with the highly effective DeBuzzer tool. DeBuzzer removes humming noises like the mains hum with ease - and without affecting the original material too much. Adjustments down to a hundredth hertz can be done by pushing the Fine Adjust button. It's also possible to adjust the sensitivity and the attenuation as well as reduction mode depending on the respective type of noise.

Together with its completely new burning engine and support for the universally accepted DDP format, WaveLab 7 marks the cutting edge of today's mastering, editing and restoration technology.

WaveLab 7 Overview

  • Macintonish Compatibility
  • Workspace Concept
  • WaveLab Control
  • New VST3 Plug-ins and New DIRAC 2.2 Implementation
  • High-Clas Restoration Suite Made by Sonnox
  • New Burning Engine
  • New Flexible User Interface
  • New Batch Processor Area
  • Multiprocessing
  • DDP Format Support


Devoted to the needs of home producers and musicians...

WaveLab Elements 7 delivers uncompromising quality when it comes to audio editing, restoration and podcasting. Combining state-of-the-art audio technology from WaveLab 7 with a streamlined work flow and a comprehensive host of editing, mastering and podcasting features targeting at project studio producers and aspiring musicians alike. With its flexible user interface, an array of high-end VST3 plug-ins and extensive podcast functionalities, WaveLab Elements 7 is the epitome of a feature-rich yet cost effective solution.

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