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Peavey AmpKit LiNK: Electric Guitar Interface for iPhone

Published: Wed July 28, 2010  News Feed

Peavey AmpKit LiNK

The high fidelity electric guitar interface for iPhone


AmpKit LiNK

Peavey Electronics and leading iPhone applications developer Agile Partners have joined forces to launch AmpKit, an unparalleled guitar amp and effects iPhone application, and AmpKit LiNK, a high fidelity audio interface for the iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad.

Together, AmpKit and AmpKit LiNK provide musicians of all skill levels with a powerful and convenient way to jam with high quality tones anytime and anywhere.

The AmpKit LiNK audio interface raises the audio fidelity bar for the iPhone platform. AmpKit LiNK is an iPhone, iPod touch* and iPad interface for electric guitar, bass, or any line level source, with an output that can be connected to headphones, powered speakers or PA.

Eliminating Feedback

AmpKit LiNK's revolutionary CrossTalk Eliminator solves the feedback problem inherent in existing unpowered iPhone interfaces. Unpowered guitar interfaces suffer from feedback when using headphones. AmpKit LiNK is a powered device with cicuitry that virtually elimiates feedback.

The interface can be used with any recording, processing, or tuning application, including Agile Partners' GuitarToolkit, one of the highest-rated applications in the iTunes App Store.

Pre-order the AmpKit LiNK guitar interface at Dolphin Music.



Guitar amps and effects application for iPhone


AmpKit's pedal selection is nothing short of spectacular, with a total of 15 available pedals. More importantly, because of AmpKit's amazing performance, you can run as many as a dozen or even more effects pedals at a time! Available effects include: multiple distortion and fuzz pedals, reverb, delay, 10-band EQ, octave, chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, noise gate, and compressor. The free AmpKit app includes three pedals, with 12 additional pedals available in the Gear Store and more to come.


Starting with the Peavey ValveKing that comes free with AmpKit, you'll find AmpKit offers amps that sounds incredible and look gorgeous! Amps based on legends, amps that roar, amps that crunch when you turn them up.


The speaker cabinet is critical to getting the exact tones you're looking for, so AmpKit gives you total control of your cabinets. The free AmpKit app includes two awesome cabinets for free: the Peavey ValveKing 4x12 and ValveKing 112. You can add up to 11 more cabinets as you add amps throgh Gear Store, from workhorse cabs with solid mid tones to powerful cabs with colourful crunches and sparkling highs. AmpKit's polished user interface makes it easy to choose from a wide range of cabinets, mix and match cabinets with different amps, and save your favourite setups.


Audio pros know that microphone selection is another critical aspect of amp tone, and yes, AmpKit again gives you total control - not only of the microphone you use but also microphone positioning! The free AmpKit app includes two great mics, and six additional mics are available in the Gear Store from rugged dynamic mics that can handle whatever volume you dish out to amazing condenser mics with the frequency and transient response you need. All with ultra-low latency.


Besides its powerful, ultra-low latency amp, cabinet, pedal and mic simulations, AmpKit includes all the tools you need for a complete guitar studio.

  • Recording & Reamping: AmpKit allows you to record as you play! And since it records both dry, unprocessed guitar audio and wet sound that has run through tht eamp and effects chain, you can actually take your recording and "reamp" it through a different amp setup. The result is an incredibly powerful guitar recording studio!
  • Backing Tracks: Upload your favourite songs and play along, or record your own backing tracks! It's an amazing way to learn and a lot of fun too!
  • Tuner & Metronome: AmpKit includes ultra-precise tuner and metronome capabilities - the same precision you've long enjoyed in GuitarToolkit
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