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Roland: What Is Mastering and Can I Do It Myself?

Published: Wed July 21, 2010  News Feed

What is Mastering and Can I do It Myself?

Roland give us some great advice on home recording…

For all you home recorders, once you have recorded a song the mastering process then begins. It can be worth handing this task over to a pro, as it’s pretty tricky…however this can be expensive unless you’re making this an EP or first single and will recoup the benefits from sales.

Roland’s recording gear are some of the best in the market, and are generally affordable too.

Digital Recorders include the Boss BR-series and EDIROL recorders.

Boss BR-800

The DR-880 is a rhythm-programming powerhouse that's loaded with world-class drum, percussion, and bass sounds from Roland's famous SRX library. It also includes a stunning collection of original waveforms. You can get microscopic with the DR-880, but you also have the option of taking the simple route with its three EZ Compose buttons, which allow original patterns to be constructed without note-by-note programming hassles. Patterns can be taken deeper with the Groove Modify feature, where various groove and triplet feels can be applied. Ghost notes and fills can also be added automatically.

Guitar and bass players can join the action by plugging directly to the DR-880's Guitar/Bass Input jack, and playing through the built-in COSM Drive/Amp models and multi-effects.

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EDIROL R-44 4-Channel Portable Recorder

A compact, solid state, four channel field recorder.

The Edirol R-44 is designed for professional use within a very conveniently sized package.

Capture up to 4 channels of uncompressed audio with selectable bit depths (16-bit or 24-bit) and sampling frequencies (44.1kHz/48kHz/88.2kHz/96kHz). R-44 employs SD cards or large capacity SDHC cards as the recording media. No moving parts enables the most silent and reliable operation.

Built-in stereo microphones and monitor speakers

Built-in high quality microphones and speakers make recording and monitoring without external devices possible.

Built-in limiter, low-cut filter and studio class effects

An on-board limiter helps suppress sudden peaks in sound from an input source. A low-cut filter is included to help prevent things like wind noise or mic handling noise. Effects can be applied while recording or simply for monitoring/playback.

Pre-Record function ensures you never miss that important moment again

The Pre-Record function buffers input signals for a certain amount of time. When the REC button is pressed, the material from the previous few seconds (selectable) is included. This also helps reduce sound bites at the beginning of a recording by not having to start the recorder too early.

Capture eight channels by linking two units

The Control Sync terminal enables synchronized operation of 2 units. Control the second unit from the master by simply connecting two with a stereo mini cable. This function enables 8-channel recording in a compact space and at an affordable price.

Link to computer via high speed USB

The R-44 can be mounted on computers with a simple USB 2.0 connection. It is seen as an USB storage device on a computer. You can copy data back and forth with a simple drag & drop operation.

Four hours of recording with four AA batteries The R-44 can be operated with 3 types of power supply, AC adaptor, external battery and AA batteries. Four hours* of operation is possible with NiMH or alkaline batteries.

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